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Unity3D RPG Ascendancy -FeedbackLoved-

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Posted 03 June 2013 - 08:51 AM

Hey guys, my name is Tyler Lloyd, Head desginer and Director of the RPG game in development called Ascendancy.

The game is a medieval RPG. You know, Swords, Armor, Ogres, Dragons. That kind of stuff. But this game is different. The "Set-In-Stone" Rules of an RPG no longer apply. Ascendancy will be more realistic, more challenging, and more rewarding, than any other RPG.


Well, the rules of "Set Levels" no longer apply to the enemies. Each enemy is categorized in 5 different "LevelStones" VeryEasy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Boss. These categories have level intervals of 15-30. EX; Very easy = 1 - 15. Boss = 75 - 100. The enemies levels are randomized with those numbers. You could fight a goblin whos level 3, and its brother is level 15. You never know, i couldn't tell you!

How do we make up for this?

Some point in the game, you will acquire teammates. But their not just any teammates. They were born, to die for YOU. Their lives are bound to yours. When you die, they will die shortly after. When they die, you are able to revive them after the fight is over. That is, if you want to.

Okay so... What IS Ascendancy?

Ascendancy is your average RPG. Same concept, Find monster, Kill them, level up, do quest. But Ascendancy has a twist. A HUGH twist. In Ascendancy, as soon as your start the game, your given the chance to venture on your own. Of course it will be harder, but its your choice. You see a person walking around, you can kill them, or give them a chance to live. Just know bandits are always prowling the roads for travelers who think their strong..

Whats the plot? Or some Background information

You are part of a special blood line. Your ancestors are born to defeat the "Bringer of Death" (Name is going to change), Every generation, they get challenged to defeat him. It was easy at first. But then he gained a new power. You see, the Bringer never dies. He gets reborn. He is sent there to challenge the lands hero. But when he comes, he brings along his lackeys. Goblins, dragons, chimeras, Minotaur, any and all flood the land, Killing anyone in sight. He only challenges your ancestors, once they have given birth, so he always has a new challenger. Your ancestors have failed continuously at killing the Bringer. Which their deaths, only made him stronger. Thus he gained a new power, nearly making him as powerful as the Gods above. With the help of your Ancestors helpers, your "Teammates", you must defeat the Bringer. For you are the hero he needs to kill, before he becomes immortal. You would think he would kill you then and there, but he likes a challenge. So he will wait until you come to him...

Okay, how's the combat?

The combat completely revolves around the help of your Helpers. We are working on a system, that allows the helpers to detect what kind of mission your going on. and will equip themselves accordingly. They can enchant your weapons, plan surprises for your enemies, and even lift you up to destroy them from above.

Are there classes?

There are 3 Main classes (With the option of choosing all 3) And 2 sub classes for each class. The more you use that class, the more your class level grows. When your class level grows, you are able to... Equip new weapons for that class, gain access to the sub classes, which focus more on their weapons, and spend your class points to unlock new skills for that class. Each class has their own weapons to use. And each weapon has its own advantages.

Okay, im hooked. How can I help YOU?!

You can either PM me on here, or Email me at ascendancy123@gmail.com. The current people we need are...

  • 3D-Modelers x 2
  • Concept Artist x2
  • Playmaker Users/C# Scripters x3
  • Sound Artist/Designers x2
  • Level Designers x2
  • Webpage Makers x1
  • 3D Riggers/Animators x2

This game will Primarily use PlayMaker, but will use some type of scripts.

Below are some screenshots and concept of what will be in the game,bandicam 2013-04-06 09-11-50-696.jpg bandicam 2013-04-14 15-40-28-871.jpg bandicam 2013-05-25 18-21-57-513.jpg bandicam 2013-05-25 18-22-55-469.jpg bandicam 2013-05-28 19-37-23-840.jpg bandicam 2013-06-02 22-59-46-813.jpg bandicam 2013-06-02 23-00-21-290.jpg centaur.jpg CharacterNPCs.jpg Temelar.jpg

Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.