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Detroit - We Don't Want Your Business

4: Adsense

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#21 samoth   Members   

Posted 09 July 2013 - 07:10 AM

Quite everything that should be handled by non profit organisations turned private ends in a clusterfuck for people.


As seen in Germany, railway, electric, water, public transport.  People getting f*cked, double f*cked and triple f*cked.

That's true, but only because there is no reason to do it any different due to the stupefied way the transitions are done.


Post and Bahn employees need not work efficiently and need not care about their jobs. Half of them are public officers anyway (this is the first thing to do differently!) and it's not legal to take this away from them. Public officers are paid above average, pay no social insurance, and work below average. Of course, since they cannot be fired, and unless they murder someone, they keep their public officer status for the remainder of their lives.


The other half also doesn't need to work efficiently because they know it's very unlikely to get fired, and then, there's still such a thing as Ver.di.. Also, the company will not go bankrupt, no matter how badly you perform, because it is only a privately owned company on paper. In reality, the government holds upwards of 60% of the shares, so they'll put whatever money is necessary into the company to keep it running.


They can ask every price too, of course, because they have a de-facto monopoly. And they have a huge advantage because the infrastructure they use was built from tax money (and the upkeep is subsidized). Same is true for Telekom.


And, this isn't getting better with the stupid post-Fukushima Green movement and the opportunistic government that we have presently (though this government isn't nearly as stupid as the Socialist one we had a few years ago). Now the government pays insane amounts to companies like RWE so they build offshore wind generators on the most remote end of the country where energy isn't needed (so they have to give it to Netherlands for free), and even more money so they build north-south lanes which RWE will make its customers pay for later.

Of course that's nothing compared to what Schröder did with Gazprom (or, on a different topic, what Merkel is accused of "having known" in the context of Snowden's "super-secret" espionage revelations is nothing compared to what Schröder actually did in 2001 and 2002).


So, you're really wondering that you're being fucked? Seriously?


But then what do you want to do? Things will not change due to lack of alternatives. You can elect another government this fall, but every single alternative will only make things a lot worse. Keeping the present one doesn't make them better of course (but at least not worse).

Or, you could go abroad, find a place where it's better? Good luck.


In France they're too busy pointing at Sarkozy for some alleged donation to his party of which nobody really knows whether it's true at all, so they forget what an awful double-zero the current president is. Plus, you now have gay marriage, but appealing young women in bikinis are "bad taste". What a letdown for a once-grande nation.


The rest of Europe (except where it's cold and rains all day) is more or less bankrupt, so not precisely where you'd want to move to either. USA are pretty much as Nazi as Germany was in 1939, except they use modern technology to hunt you down -- no thank you, not a place to move to or visit. South America... well, I don't like getting into the middle of a drug war. Africa? No thank you. So unless you make Down Under an option, what's left? Antarctica? Moon?

Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.