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Multiple selections under one button

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#1 Ironmaggot   Members   


Posted 04 December 2013 - 07:51 PM

I am programming a game in Python and I have ran into a problem that I don't know how to handle.


My game is a space strategy game and has clickable fleets and stars. Only one star and fleet can be active at any one time. With stars. it is easy. They are always in one place and don't move. However fleets can move and at some point two or more fleets are going to end up on one star.


I can manage the situation, if one fleet is currently on a star, but I have no idea, what to do, when there are two or more.

#2 Samith   Members   


Posted 04 December 2013 - 08:36 PM

You'll have to be a lot more specific. There are tons of people on this site that can help with just about anything, but we need to know exactly what your problem is first wink.png 


What about having two fleets is making things more difficult for you? Are you trying to prevent multiple fleets at one star? Are you unsure of how to internally manage the relationship between fleets and stars (ie should a star contain a list of fleets that are "on" it, or just a reference to a single fleet, etc)? Are you not sure how to detect what was clicked on?


If you have some code, it would be helpful to post the code you aren't sure about or that you don't understand. That will massively help us determine how to help you out.

#3 Ironmaggot   Members   


Posted 05 December 2013 - 06:26 AM

Here is a screen sot of how my game looks now. Each star is this dot with a little ring around it. The inside little ring is roughly the area, where I should click, when I want to select it. The bigger grey circles are just a representations of star productiveness. On the right side, a little bit above the center is star, which has a cross through its center. That star happens to have a fleet currently there.Fleets can only move from star to star.




Here is a pic of how my game currently handles selection. That same star is currently selected. You can see that this generated a little info about this star in the toolbar below. It's resource value, which is the numerical representation of the grey circle around it. And fleet size. Fleet size is it's current carrison and this fleet cannot move. This fleet can move if a Carrier Fleet comes by and I transfer the carrison over to the Carrier fleet. I am planning to make all star related operation to be left side of the toolbar nad all Carrier Fleet related operations to be on the right side of the toolbar.


But the problem is, that I can only fit one carrier fleet at a time on the toolbar. But due to the nature of the game, it is inevitable that two or more carrier fleets are going to end up on one star.




My problem with two fleets: When I click on the star, computer selects everything in the area of roughly one white star. This means that, at one point I have to make something that allowes me to select from a selection of Carrier Fleets currently orbiting the star. But I have no idea how to do that.


I am not trying to prevent multiple fleets at once.


Internally I have fleet management covered. Each fleet has it's own coordinate variable.

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#4 wintertime   Members   


Posted 05 December 2013 - 07:14 AM

Why dont you just draw the fleet markers at different places inside the larger circles around the stars to enable the player to see there is more than one and click a single one?

Or just show a fleet list when there is more than one and then require another click to choose one fleet from the list, if there is more than one?

#5 Eck   Members   


Posted 05 December 2013 - 08:48 AM

Take a look at the game Stars!  ... does some searching... O.o where did Stars! go??? I'm sad now. :(


Anyway, they had a pretty handy way of managing fleets. This is all from memory from playing YEARS ago so I'm sorry if I get some details wrong. They had a listbox dedicated to fleets in the currently selected area listing their fleet ID, name, and how many ships. You could select multiple entries and merge them into one fleet, or split a fleet into multiple fleets, or issue orders to single (or multiple) fleets. You could inspect the contents of each fleet if you selected them individually from the listbox.


Clicking in the map would give you the closest fleet(s) at that position. If you had 3 fleets at 100,100 and 2 fleets at 101,100. The list box would be filled with the 3 fleets if you clicked closer to them. If there were tons of fleets scattered across several coordinates it was sometimes difficult to select what you needed at the default zoom, but they allowed you to zoom-in 400 or 800% making it easier.


- Eck

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Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.