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Treeworld 0.0.0

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Posted 13 December 2013 - 01:57 PM

Hey erverybody!

I started to make a new indie game names:


It is in a developpment version,(0.0.0) and was programmed by me.

Treeworld is a indie game where are another treearts,where you can destroy trees and get some woodblock to build your own home and place

some trees.Craft something with it our make some own tools to take some stone or ore.Kill Plantcreatures they destroys the world and trees and your home and is going to kill you,where you have to buy,act or craft you a gun or a magicle armor.

This Features are not all in this game and i'm going to update this topic.

Download is now not here,but in December 14th i'm goingt to release the first 0.0.0


Here is a small video clip fromt the first version:


And here a picture,that shows the game in future:








Here is a Video about the 0.0.0:







+Added Trees

+Invinty World

+Better new Movement

+Trees are placed in another places

-Removed Test Block without Texture

-Removed Donut


I said it,it is now only a gametest and i'm a indie game programmer,i'm working alone in this project,now!


I programmed it in C++ with the a8 engine(3dgamestudio).

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Posted 14 December 2013 - 08:24 AM

Hey everbody!

I'm going to update the game on sunday because i had some problem with my c++ script editior compiler and I couldn't compile.

Now I'm going to copy the source code and paste it in unity and make some edits.

And I have not complett the full website.