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Camera Matrix, GLM and Rotations with Quaternions

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#1 Danicco   Members   


Posted 24 February 2014 - 03:07 PM

I have a Camera class like this:

class Camera
        Matrix4x4& GetMatrix(float& interpolation); 
        Vector3 _cameraPosition;
        Vector3 _cameraTarget;
        Vector3 _cameraOrientation;

        Vector3 _cameraForward;
        Vector3 _cameraUp;
        Vector3 _cameraRight;

        Matrix4x4 _cameraMatrix;

And GetMatrix(interpolation) does this:

Matrix4x4& Camera::GetMatrix(float& interpolation)
    Vector3 currentPosition;
    currentPosition.x = _cameraPosition.x + ((cameraPosition.x - _cameraPosition.x) * interpolation);
    currentPosition.y = _cameraPosition.y + ((cameraPosition.y - _cameraPosition.y) * interpolation);
    currentPosition.z = _cameraPosition.z + ((cameraPosition.z - _cameraPosition.z) * interpolation);

    Vector3 currentTarget;
    currentTarget.x = _cameraTarget.x + ((cameraTarget.x - _cameraTarget.x) * interpolation);
    currentTarget.y = _cameraTarget.y + ((cameraTarget.y - _cameraTarget.y) * interpolation);
    currentTarget.z = _cameraTarget.z + ((cameraTarget.z - _cameraTarget.z) * interpolation);

    _cameraMatrix[0][0] = 1.0f;
    _cameraMatrix[1][1] = 1.0f;
    _cameraMatrix[2][2] = 1.0f;
    _cameraMatrix[3][3] = 1.0f;

    _cameraForward = Math::Normalize(currentTarget - currentPosition);
    _cameraUp = Math::Normalize(cameraOrientation);
    _cameraRight = Math::Normalize(Engine::Math::Cross(_cameraForward, _cameraUp));
    _cameraUp = Math::Cross(_cameraRight, _cameraForward);

    _cameraMatrix[0][0] = _cameraRight.x;
    _cameraMatrix[1][0] = _cameraRight.y;
    _cameraMatrix[2][0] = _cameraRight.z;

    _cameraMatrix[0][1] = _cameraUp.x;
    _cameraMatrix[1][1] = _cameraUp.y;
    _cameraMatrix[2][1] = _cameraUp.z;

    _cameraMatrix[0][2] = -_cameraForward.x;
    _cameraMatrix[1][2] = -_cameraForward.y;
    _cameraMatrix[2][2] = -_cameraForward.z;

    _cameraMatrix[3][0] = -Math::Dot(_cameraRight, currentPosition);
    _cameraMatrix[3][1] = -Math::Dot(_cameraUp, currentPosition);
    _cameraMatrix[3][2] = Math::Dot(_cameraForward, currentPosition);

    return _cameraMatrix;

The GetMatrix() function is from GLM, with the interpolation part that I added.

It works perfectly for tests and such, by setting the _cameraTarget and _cameraPosition.


I'm adding camera controls and this is where I'm getting problems. I'm adding rotation to the camera but it's not working as expected... what I tried:

void Camera::RotateAroundY(float angleDegrees)
    float angleRadians = angleDegrees * (PI / 180);

    float cAngle = cosf(angleRadians/2);
    float sAngle = sinf(angleRadians/2);
    Quaternion tRotation;
    tRotation.w = cAngle;
    tRotation.x = 0;
    tRotation.y = sAngle;
    tRotation.z = 0;

    //Finding the rotated direction of my camera
    _cameraDirection = (cameraTarget - cameraPosition) * tRotation; //Vector3 * Quaternion

    //Setting it back to cameraTarget as well
    cameraTarget = cameraPosition + _cameraDirection;

With also a RotateAroundX function.

Standing still at 0,0,0, these functions work well alone. If I use only RotateAroundY I can navegate around and I didn't noticed anything wrong. Same for X.

The problem starts when I try to combine both, the movement gets really weird... If I'm looking to the right from the Origin (1, 0, 0), the Look Up/Down doesn't move at all. When I'm looking to the back (0, 0, 1), the Up/Down rotation is inversed.


I was calculating the rotation not when the functions are called but after, so I just stored them in a Vector3 rotation, and then calculated a single Quaternion with the GLM Quaternion from Vector3 (euler angles), but I started getting this result, so I separated them in two function to try to pinpoint the issue but I still can't figure why.


I managed to get around this by creating a new Vector3 called "direction" which I calcule every time the rotation changes with:

_camera.directionY = sin(_camera.rotationX * 3.1415/180);		
_camera.directionX = sin(_camera.rotationY * 3.1415/180) * cos(_camera.rotationX * 3.1414/180);
_camera.directionZ = cos(_camera.rotationX * 3.1415/180) * cos(_camera.rotationY * 3.1415/180); 

But I have to constantly check if rotationX/Y >= 360, and I'd like to keep using the Quaternion and LookAt functions from GLM...


Any ideas on how I can solve this?

Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.