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2D Platformer Demo! (Looking for feedback)

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#1 KorynnO   Members   


Posted 04 April 2014 - 11:15 AM

Our game can be found here:http://www.kongregate.com/games/KorynnO/b-l-o-b-demo


B.L.O.B (Biohazardous Life Orb Beast) is about a lonely blob who lives in a toxic dump all by himself. The blob longs for a friend to keep him company and he spends much of his time looking through the fence of the dump into the beautiful world beyond. One day an explosion occurs in the dump, shattering the fence that has kept him imprisoned for so long. Now is his chance, the world is his and he embarks on the adventure of a lifetime to find a friend.




B.L.O.B is a game developed by Cats In Tophats (Our first game project as a group). The project has been in the works over the past month and a half and we have a demo of our game ready to play!


Our game features colorful hand drawn backgrounds and sprites, and music all made by our own team.


We are looking for feedback and critiques so that we can better the game and it’s upcoming levels for a future release! Below you can find a link to our facebook page which ww will be using to post updates! We hope that you enjoy our game!


#2 Yeris   Members   


Posted 06 April 2014 - 01:23 PM

For first, lovley story, i felt deep emotional attachment to my green portagonist.  
But there are few things bugging me:
-not consistent art style. I see it's going for a pixel art feel, but objects on that same layer are in different resolution and don't seems to fit well togheter. Also high res menus stand out in a bad way, but this is probably just a prototayp of UI.
-problemm with readability. It comes more or less from previus point. As the color pallet for every layer is the same, and the resolution is mixed the game is not clean (as easy to read).
-why the boss throws meat? I get how i gain energy from trees and all (lovley concept btw.) but that ham throwing put my of the chart.
-low challange lvl and flat level design, but it's probably becouse its a first  lvl. 
So I wait to see more of Blob!
Keep you to good work!