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Save The Comet - Infinite Gravity Action!

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#1 Nidre   Members   


Posted 09 June 2014 - 06:45 AM

Save the Comet Hits the Earth!
Wanna learn what the "infinite gravity action" is?
Save the Comet is a game that brings together gravity, physics and endless runner elements all in to one arcade-style game!
Your duty is to save the comet from all kinds of hazards such as planets, meteors and Hyper-Nova! However while doing all this, you cannot touch the Comet! Do you know what? There is a more enjoyable way to save it. You have to drag the mighty planets with the tip of your finger, orbit them to get a high-score and crash those meteors!
"The game is pretty entertaining… Unique controls, innovative implementation of an old format… All considered, the game is worth the download for no charge!"  
"An excellent game that is a lot of fun on smart phones and tablets alike, Save the Comet requires quick thinking and a little strategy in order to keep beating those high scores."
-Android Headlines http://bit.ly/ahreview
Cinematic Teaser:
Game Play Trailer:
Explore the Universe, get the Stardust!
Save the Comet from meteors, asteroids and HyperNova!
Beware the Meteor Shower!
Being different from the other infinite mobile games in the market Save the Comet has also an "Ending" which reveals a tiny bit about the reason which lies behind the Comet's journey across the universe. Let's look at the main goals which should be accomplished to Save the Comet:
What to do
• Smash, Pull and Strike the Comet out of danger 
• Explore the galaxy dragging huge planets around
• Crush Meteors with the mighty finger of yours
• Survive the legendary Meteor Shower
"Let me say that people are in for a challenging fun game that will provide hours of entertainment."
-Geeksmith Productions http://bit.ly/revgsp
"All in all, it’s an impressive game. Very addictive once the meteorites, diamond planets and power-ups come into play."  
-Alpha Beta Gamers
"...very different from what we see on Play Store. Personally I will return on… when I have time."
-AndroGames FR http://bit.ly/androfr
Is this all? No let's talk about the perks and one shots. To ensure your safety during the journey, you will need all of these beautiful enhancements which makes Comet less invulnerable than before. Do you also want some super beneficial one shot items? Don't go so far, you can find them just before starting the game!
Key Features
• Find out why the Comet wanders the galaxy!
• Meet Aliens and even control them!
• Control the universe! Planets, meteors, asteroids!
• Only thing you can not control is your main character!
• Gravity based game-play!
Save the Comet apparently is not a clone of other game and tries to bring something new to market. We hope you like it!
MogaMecha Team

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Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.