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Queen at Arms [Visual Novel Game]

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#1 Bemily   Members   


Posted 03 August 2014 - 07:10 PM

Hello everyone!

My name is Emily and I'm a freelance 2D Artist posting here to tell you about a visual novel game that has been in development for the past 9 months or so.




Queen at Arms is a GxB dating sim built in Ren'Py. Queen At Arms is about a young girl who joins a medieval army and has to survive a terrible civil war. In order to live, you have to make tough decisions, similar to Telltale's Walking Dead series.




Eventually you become the army's de-facto commander, and you must manage the morale of your men and the lives of your troops in-battle.

The datable characters are the various army officers who you employ.

For example, Rubus (the tall black man with the platinum-blond hair) is an Archmagus whose magical skills can provide clever ways to bypass obstacles in battle. Lucius the Head Cleric (to the left of Rubus, the pale man with the frosted blue hair) is an expert in medical matters and can preserve the lives of your troops with the right medicine.




From left to right, the protagonist Marcus Cordale, Spymaster Fox, Lucius the Head Cleric, Rubus the Archmagus, Prince Alastor, your brother Nick, and James the Mechanist




Rosstin Murphy: Producer, Programmer, Editor

Serenity Frost : Writer

Diana Taylor: Writer

Charlotte Fieldcamp: Writer

Nina: Writer

Lilin Tan: Character Artist

Meagan Trott: Background Artist

Emily So: Colorist, GUI, Cutscene Artist

Kamilah Williams: Map Artist


Thank you for checking us out!

#2 JohnnyCode   Members   


Posted 17 August 2014 - 11:00 PM

As a inkognito queen, you should reestablish throne upon the land. But the land is troubled by some subject, and even yourself is. The guys you pick to date and reveal the identity to, should be definitive subtree of game proceeding , aiding queen in her intent each one in particular way.
commander Rudison.
will help character with a little gold support and loyal paladins resources available, such as sleeping, beds, maps.
mercanary of free farmers Ogur
will simillary aid queen, also providing better acces to weapons and armor
convicted smith Hassan
will hardly aid queen at the begining, but will be able to construct dragon plates armor later, but sooner, allowing queen to take actions she would not be able to at the stage of progres with previous two well established men.
Hunter Gron
will teach the queen in collecting trophies, making her very powerfull after first slayed dragon. Something like Hassan way but not so difficult since beginning and not so overwhelming after.
druid Manqui
will allow queen tame a dragon.

all named achievements will queen and the picked partner have to achieve together, not only queen herself.