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Next survey: Did you finish your last project

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#1 GunnarSteinn   Members   


Posted 19 January 2000 - 04:58 AM

I just saw the current survey and aprox. 90% are working on a project now. It''s my experience that I don''t finish games a start on so I would like the next survey to ask: Did you finish your last project or How many games have you finished.

#2 Staffan   Members   


Posted 19 January 2000 - 07:34 AM

Nope, did not. Ditched it after i got done with the more basic routines. And, im planning a complete re-write of my current project, it just hit 3500 lines of codes so its not that bad. Learning is the most essential part, not getting it all complete!

#3 msn12b   Members   


Posted 19 January 2000 - 07:36 AM

I finished one project I started on my own, back in high school. A Dragon Warrior clone with no story mechanism but a nice battle engine and game object editor.


#4 Dave Astle   Distinguished Rhino   

Posted 19 January 2000 - 07:44 AM

Good suggestion, we''ll put that up as the next survey.

And I DID finish my last project :<)

#5 felisandria   Members   


Posted 19 January 2000 - 08:17 AM

And we''re going to finish the current one too, hmm Dave? *smile*

I finished a little board game a few weeks ago, and before that I finished a little DMusic MIDI player. It''s nice to see things get done. I must admit though, that my first DirectX game is in really awful shape, though playable, and I hate the thought of even opening it. I might finish it right, but not for a while. *wry smile*


#6 mutex   Members   

Posted 19 January 2000 - 03:09 PM

I have a whole bunch of semi-working mediocre tile engines but have never completed a full game besides a number guessing game on my calculator complete with a customizable range. I played it sometimes in math class, it was too strange to play in english

#7 Chris F   Members   


Posted 19 January 2000 - 03:30 PM

you actually put the game on your calculator... how did you manage that?

#8 Bracket   Members   


Posted 19 January 2000 - 03:41 PM

To date I''ve completed one game I was proud of (a Windows 3.1 space invaders type game with sound and really nice sprites.... it was the first Win3.1 game of its kind that I saw, which made me a very happy bunny. It also appeared on a coverdisk in the UK, as well as on several bulletin boards. A friend actually heard one of the sound effects in somebody''s sound scheme not long ago - that was a cool feeling). I''ve also completed a number of tile-based engines and technology demonstrations, but they haven''t been brought to "game" status. Oh, and I''ve contributed code to one or two other projects that were finished, but I doubt that counts.

As an aside, I''ve completed more business oriented apps than I can count. Day job. Its amazing how hammering away at custom projects for people by day can sap one''s enthusiasm to go through a full lifecycle development for a game..... its just that much more rewarding to play with interesting technologies in my spare time instead! Wow, I''m a programming hedonist!

#9 logistix   Members   


Posted 19 January 2000 - 03:56 PM

Does DinoCrisis count? I just finished that on Monday

#10 Domini   Members   


Posted 19 January 2000 - 04:31 PM

I didn''t finish my last view projects, but this time, everyone on the team is working strong.
Usually the reason for project failure was either lack of communication or interest was loss. I have learned from my mistakes and formed a new team. Things are working now.
I was mad that the last two projects failed. The first was a 3D star fox shooter. I must have completely rewritten the engine 4 times in a single week, and the same with a fully polygon terrain engine with shading and textures.


#11 cliffski   Members   


Posted 20 January 2000 - 03:51 AM

I finished my last project, even sold a few copies, and have it on a boxed compilation on my desk. woohoo!
I would never get more than a quarter into a roject thatiw asnt going to finish, it just seems like such a waste of time...
It depends how long its taking though, my current project is almost 10 months old now and I am really looking foward to getting it behind me. How anyone can work on a game for 700 years (like Daikatana...) is beyond me.


#12 Anonymous Poster_Anonymous Poster_*   Guests   

Posted 20 January 2000 - 04:30 AM

I guess I haven''t finished my last project. As a beginning programmer (I am attempting to learn DirectX), I find it a little hard to finish things. The last problem I was working on was to do with population and probability. It was a question in my sisters homework, and I still haven''t found out the answer. Maybe I will get around to doing it this weekend...

#13 Staffan   Members   


Posted 20 January 2000 - 06:12 AM

Chris F - If you have TI calculator (TI-83 works fine) you can get/make a cable that you attach to the LPT/COM port and transmit the files into calculator and execute them, that is assuming they are written in ??? assembly (or there basic-ish language). I even had a super mario bro''s clone on mine

Check out www.ticalc.org

#14 BINS   Members   


Posted 20 January 2000 - 06:40 AM

It''s extremely hard to finish a program as a beggining programmer, everytime I learn something new..I''ve got to re-start the entire program or create a new advanced...Maybe someday I''ll know all


#15 Tasm   Members   


Posted 22 January 2000 - 07:07 AM

Most of the projects that I really got started on are completed to the point they are playable with not too many bugs in them. About three parlor type games. They just need clean up- "pretty work"... better graphics, sounds etc. But I doubt there will ever be a time when my games are "completely finished."


#16 Machaira   Moderators   

Posted 22 January 2000 - 09:22 AM

I haven't finished the project I'm working on but I'm still working on it, I haven't stopped. I guess the real question should be "Did you finish your last project, are you still working on it or have you stopped working on it?"

Breakaway Games

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Old topic!

Guest, the last post of this topic is over 60 days old and at this point you may not reply in this topic. If you wish to continue this conversation start a new topic.