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#1 Paladin   Members   


Posted 26 January 2000 - 03:28 AM

Hmm... Lately I have been getting REALLY weird and non-commercial game ideas which would be really fun to play still. We all know, that when we are creating the game, one thing makes our game boring... Money. Money guides us to create a game that can be sold for other people, and it''s kind of witch circle, you create "boring" games and people buy maybe buy that game and start complaining "why do you create so boring game, after all this is same old crap". Some times I''m just getting really weird ideas, for freeware game example. One idea is about creating game where you have to make THE BEST fireworks in town for newyears party :D You would have to get fireworks, set some attributes for every firework, etc. which angle do you shoot it and so on, and when the midnight comes, you HAVE TO shoot those rockets, and then public gives opinion about your work This is actually hard to create, but who cares, it''s fun idea ! Another idea is Arcade Hall simulation, where you have to buy arcade games, create working arcade hall with cool stuff, and so on. (again, problem is that there is no point playing it, so player should actually just play against the time... and try to get himself for 1 in top 10 - top 20 list) Have you had some really weird, but probaply fun idea that you would like to create, EVEN if you don''t have any idea how to create it ? Tell it :D

#2 Paladin   Members   


Posted 26 January 2000 - 03:40 AM

And ye, I forgot two old cool ideas, again simulations:

Paintball and Megazone / Lasertag / Laserzone / Ultrazone (names differ between countries & states).

Player would have to create Paintball or Megazone gaming area, and open it for the public. Then he would sell guns and so on for the players, and WATCH how this players play the game and so on. To add "something to do", player should create the hall manually, and add mazes and so on. The problem is "it''s just do-something-for-a-while" game, but it is FUN.

The problem with fun games seems to be, that fun games don''t have that long time to keep interest of player.

Ofcourse I had an idea about being a captain in Paintball game, which would be 2D-game from birdview, and simple shooter, but the problem is that there is another way to create this kind of ideas and it''s not the 2D, but 3D, a''la Team Fortress... Sad but true :.(

#3 Squall012   Members   


Posted 26 January 2000 - 03:55 AM

Some of your ideas sound absolutely awesome, its sort of like Roller Coaster Tycoon, they took a simple idea that everyone enjoys, and made a game out of it, its so fun and hard to put down. These kinds of games that you are talking about are the kind that would fall in a niche as something new and fun. I guarantee that if you were able to make any of these games and send them to the public, then you would definatly find your self with an audience that loves your style. As quirky as it sounds, that firework games sounds cool.

#4 Paladin   Members   


Posted 26 January 2000 - 05:23 AM

Yesterday at #gamedev:
"I play drums and guitar... and now after halfyear practising, little keyboards"
: "I play ...." .. ommy good, here we go again.

Dont take me wrong, when I tell that I can play many instruments atleast in basic level. After playing guitar & drums for 6 years, I started to understand how to make music, and even after I don''t know what I''m doing when I''m playing with keyboards, I have "the feel"

This just came to my mind when I was going to write reply, because here we have again "Paladin cannot do one thing at one time" problem

I have been involved for my main project, DUST, but I started creating this arcade hall simulation about a week ago, and I have pretty nice documentation already
Game isn''t that hard to create, because it doesn''t create / test any new technology or anything hard, but is more like point & click + math game... Well, math because it''s business and deals with numbers , like "profit" and so on
I''m going to create everything from graphics to code just as "sunday project", but if someone is interested after I have try-out version out, I would like to have some artist to recreate graphics

And game is going freeware with source code, I wanna be 3liT3

But hey, more ideas I''m interested about this kind of sunday-producing.

Originally I played "Arcade Business" called game, made by some finnish person with qbasic ( I think, it was exe, but it was just like Qbasic program) and it was REALLY simple, but I played it couple of weeks, even after it was really crappy
Then I started to create own version of Arcade Business with QBasic (this is maybe 3-4 years ago, when I didn''t know c++), and ofcourse that was my first or second game, and it collapsed right away ;D

Maybe I will have better luck this time

#5 mason   Members   


Posted 26 January 2000 - 05:43 AM

Doesn''t PC Gamer now run game design contests?

You might check in there for ideas... or submit your own... I think the grand prize is a week at ION storm as a tester.

Heh, one of those few contests where I *don''t* want the prize...

Mason McCuskey
Spin Studios - home of Quaternion, 2000 GDC Indie Games Fest Finalist!

#6 Lynck   Members   


Posted 27 January 2000 - 12:53 PM

I have always wanted to make a game that is about slugs taking over the world, and you have to go through mazes squirting the slugs with poison spray. It is a weird and stupid idea, but I think it is funny. If you die, you get turned into a slug, and you have to kill the human.

#7 foofightr   Members   


Posted 27 January 2000 - 03:44 PM

Lynck, I would definitely download a game like that! I always liked the idea of when you die, you join the enemy. But it''s harder and longer to program. but fun!

#8 Brad8383   Members   


Posted 27 January 2000 - 04:02 PM

Ever since I worked at kroger sacking groceries ive always wanted to make a downhill shopping cart racing game

#9 Paladin   Members   


Posted 28 January 2000 - 03:17 AM

Heh, just recycling my old weird ideas...

Leisure Suit Larry 8 : Snowblow Job
(I assume that last one was 7 ? I cannot remember anymore

In this part, Larry goes for skiing resort after he for some REALLY WEIRD REASON wins ticket for five star skiing resort hotel ! It would be so cool enviroment for Larry games.

Well, more about skiing resort stuff... If some company is going to make *sigh*... again "the best and only cool snowboarding game" - amen, game, I would add virtual mountain system, which would work pretty much like in Housemarques Supreme Snowboarding (Boarderzone in US, BTW: BEST snowboarding game, absolutely), but it would add free riding at whatever part of mountain, maybe in middle of forests and so on, and player could go down, and then use the elevator to go back up
During the time at elevator, player could just watch landscape. Actually I suggested this for Housemarque, and they responded "Wou ! DAMN COOL IDEA ! We have to think about that !"... and ofcourse they didn''t put it into game

About simulations, Theme -series etc:
Theme School, would have lots of little things to do

Seriously I would like to create documents / plot for new old-fashion Indiana Jones (OFFICIAL) game, or game really similar to Indiana Jones, but it seems to be that we have no changes for seeing old fashion Scumm games anymore :.(

#10 Delisk   Members   


Posted 28 January 2000 - 05:05 AM

Here a coll sport game idea.

A Crosse game (i don''t know the english name)

Crosse as been inveinted by indians (from america).

Here the basic rules!

there is 2 teams
To scrore you must send the ball in the oposite team net.
You ccan''t touch the ball, you use a crosse. It is a staff with a small basket ont top of it.

But here the special rules!

If an oponents as the ball in his croos....you have the rigth to hit him with your crosse!
Pretty specials rules he!

sure you nned protection equipement!


#11 Facehat   Members   


Posted 28 January 2000 - 10:42 AM

Well, I want to be the guy who creates the next tetris. You know, a game you create in an afternoon, but is almost infinately addicting. Then the money will start coming... MUHAHAHAHA

Honestely, though, I think there is a huge market for very simple games that can easily be ported to platforms like the Gameboy. A lot of games that are really technologically simple are the ones that become really popular. If you need proof, look at Pokemon!

Which reminds that I also wish I had though up Pokemon. Yeesh, I would never have to work again if I though up that!


#12 I-Shaolin   Members   


Posted 28 January 2000 - 11:18 AM

This is an idea that's probably been done, but I think that a "hackers" game would be sweet. You know, something where you could hack into the Pentagon and not get drug out of your house by the FBI. It would have to be more than a simple simulation though, something that also had characters you could interact with and something that would be challenging to experienced computer users, not just simple puzzles.

Edited by - I-Shaolin on 1/28/00 5:20:22 PM

#13 Paladin   Members   


Posted 28 January 2000 - 01:08 PM

Hehee, I have been thinking that kind of game before ! It has REALLY unique idea, and it might be really fun to create

Also I have been thinking about game, where the player would be thief, and he''s mission is to start terrorising big city, by starting thiefing usual houses, and later on get REAL treasures and so on. Game would work with engine similar to Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, and it would use random generator to create this homes. It would include idea about moving silently and hiding into shadows from THIEF: The Dark Project ... Might be kind of interesting game And to add some puzzle, player should use different tools to manipulate alarms (mirror to laser check etc.), and so on. Would be kind a cool !


#14 Roland Moritz   Members   


Posted 29 January 2000 - 03:14 AM

Well, recently I had this a bit strange idea for a surivival-building-strategy-exploration-roleplaying-game...sounds supid? Well, I think it does not. The game should be as follows:
You run around in a, maybe even randomly generated, landscape, pretty similar to old RPGs such as Ultima 6. There is no real goal in the game, or maybe there is a campaign mode, but endless play should be available. However, you run around in this environment, which should be a not very technicalized (?), maybe even jungle-like place with a few citys or villages in it, a lot of animals you can hunt and eat or make things out of (leather...) etc., the environment should be really huge and there should be a lot to explore. You can fight against creatures, maybe even gain experience like in an RPG, and you can combine things and build new things, like in Robinsons Requiem or Deus, let''s say, for a simple example, you can build a tent out of leaves (or leather), wood, rope and a an axe or something like this, to use a simple example. And you can also make people join you, again a bit like in an RPG, only that really MANY people can join you, let''s say up to 40 or so...and with this people, you can combine things even better, and build things even faster and even greater than you could alone, like in a RTS, only that you don''t get more people and resources by time, but you have to find them yourself... Let''s say you want to build a hut, then this will take you forever alone, but with more people, this would be far easier...and you can also tell the other people who follow you what to do, like for instance collecting wood or something. But if you want to go discovering or on a quest or whatever, you can leave your people in your village, which you can build with the help of them, and pick 4 or 5 of them to follow you. So what you do in this game is running around like in an RPG, trying to survive by building things, hiring other people, so you can build more and bigger things (maybe there are missions, where you have to build a little village or something...), from an arrow out of wood and feathers, to a catapult, fighting things alone or with your "people" and exploring the environment and interacting with other NPCs. Well, this is just a bit of what I have thought about, but here is not enough place to write it all down...

I know, however, that implementing this idea into a game would be quite difficult and maybe even unrealistic, but I think such a game would be very interesting...

#15 Anonymous Poster_Anonymous Poster_*   Guests   

Posted 29 January 2000 - 04:10 AM

I think one of the ultimate games (yet to be made?) would be an incredibly detailed virtual war. This would be a 3d type game that would have to support huge open areas and would allow people to be in a plane, tank, other misc. vehicles, or just a plain old grunt. Add in some real physics where you can interact with objects (move, destroy, create, etc). This is probably not very realistic at the moment because it would take a tremendously fast computer to keep up with everything going on.

My other idea is what I''m sorta working on at the moment. You take on the role of a mercenary in a 2d isometric tile game in which you can pick and choose jobs offered to you. As your notoriety increases, you get higher paying jobs, but you also make more enemies. I''m thinking of adding some type of system where other people will send hit squads after you if you get on their bad side. It will be a combat system similar to Jagged Alliance accompanied by RPGish elements (developing your character, upgrading equipment, etc). I have some really interesting ideas on this one. Whether it ever materializes into a game is still to be determined

#16 Roca   Members   


Posted 29 January 2000 - 05:50 PM


Go here and check it out:


Could be available

Edited by - Roca on 1/29/00 11:51:19 PM

#17 Paladin   Members   


Posted 30 January 2000 - 07:41 AM

For Roderick:

Just to remind, we already have this kind of games, and we are more of this all the time !

Good examples are Ultima Online, Ultima Online 2, and most of the MUD''s.

#18 Roland Moritz   Members   


Posted 31 January 2000 - 05:57 AM

Hehe...good point. But first, I''m talking about a singleplayer game (I''m not a big fan of multiplayer RPGs...), and second an online RPG is not exactly what I''ve been talking about, but I have to admit that I explained my idea a bit foggy, which is no miracle, since it wasn''t thought out very well (it was one those "Hey, wouldn''t it be cool if..." ideas you get playing other games, reading books or watching a movie). Interesting, though, that now, that I think of it, the idea indeed does resemble an online-RPG, an idea I never had before.

#19 Paladin   Members   


Posted 01 February 2000 - 03:14 AM

A while ago I got this strange idea which could be used for some games... but I don''t know WHICH games :D

Idea would be that the game creates LOG files of what''s happening, and the player could send this LOG files for some server site, where other players could download it... The idea would be that it could be AI-log that is trying to learn, or maybe it might be LOG file of singleplayer MUD:
Player is playing, game logs moves and so on. Then player sends this log file for WORLD server, and other can download it. Then, when you are playing it with this ADD-ON, your game contains same places that other player had / created / modified, and you can see same persons that other player saw. When day 16 comes, and sun rises, Goblins come out from caves and destroy village, and player just ignores this (even after he sees what''s going on). A week later, in REALTIME, someone downloads this add-on pack for hi''s computer, and playes same situtation. He actually might see how this another player ran away, but he can affect for the result of battle.

This might sound very weird, but think about it. You would be able to expand your game, and after 10 different players played same scenario, the world becomes really complicated, even after the first game was simple

More about this idea:
Lord British is little thief, actually really annoying one. Somehow, he manages to assassin the King, and make himself a King during day 120. After that he started to plunder people, and conquer other worlds (and he lives LONG and becomes REALLY WEALTHY). Couple of REALTIME days later, this player sends this log file for a WORLD -server, and other player downloads this log. He might start from day 80.
First he sees this thief killing someone and running away, then he continues the game, but wonders who was this thief. After 40 days, Towns start yelling "Someone killed the king !" and player goes to main city, and sees how this old player becomes a King. But this player doesn''t like the idea, because some non-player-character would like to pay a BIG PRICE for the head of the old player
And now this player kills this thief, and people are happy again

Little weird, uh ? Reminds me about some movies, like Jackie Brown, and Waynes World, because in Jackie Brown, director showed the movie from many different viewpoints, and in Waynes World, they have bad ending, and guys start shouting "HEY HEY ! This is not fun ", and they replay the ending with different way couple of times.

Uh, try to read this message SLOWLY again, and you might understand what I''m trying to say !

#20 SpyTemp   Members   


Posted 01 February 2000 - 04:30 AM

I have been talking to a friend about a Sim game we are calling "RockStar" -- you have to start a band, practice, record an album, go on tour, and try to keep the band together. Its main inspiration has been the Behind The Music shows on VH1 -- I just thought it would be funny. There would be groupies, drugs, and band fights to deal with -- record company execs ripping you off, plane/bus crashes.


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