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School administrators = IDIOTs.

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#1 sporty   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 08:25 AM

I really hate ours. Our high school is one of the most technologically updated ones (in terms of our computers) in the area, but our fucking administrators are idiots. My first major gripe was Bess. It's blocked so many of our favorite sites..me and my friend had to write proxy servers to run on our home computers while we're in school just to get to the pages. But the whole ordeal is still a big hassle. I also hate the fucking stupidity level of these people.. Now you're all aware of Fortres right? Last year I took a Web Design class just to recieve an easy A+, but I hated my fucking fat woman teacher. She told everyone she was in the "biz" for 15 years, but it was obvious she still didn't seem to know anything about computers. One time I was bored and had finished all the lame web assignments for the day, and since talking was a no-no in that piece of shit class, I opened up WinPopUp to talk to some people across the room. Well, she saw me using it (should have been NO big deal), and said "What are you doing?". I said "I'm just using WinPopup". She nods, and the next day she calls me to her desk and tells me to goto to one of the vice principal's office (this guy's a REAL prick). I go, and what I get is a shit loud of screaming at my face about how I could have damaged the network and brought the whole thing down by using a program I shouldn't have, or I could have broken one of the computers. Now tell me, since WHEN THE FUCK CAN WINPOPUP DESTROY A COMPUTER or single-handedly fuck over an entire school network? Another funny thing in that class was when my friend decided to play a HARMLESS joke. He made a simple HTML page saying "hax0red." in a font size of 5. Then he simply hit F11 to maximize the window, making it fullscreen. Well the day after, we come in and he gets sent to vice principal, and almost was banned from using computers in the school permanently, for "hacking the computer network." Supposedly, our gifted teacher of 15 years DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO CLOSE A FUCKING WEBPAGE. It reportedly took her _3 hours_ to figure out how to close it. Let's see, there are only a trillion ways to close a window..simply hitting F11, ALT+F4, ctrl+alt+delete, ALT+TAB to lose focus, ALT+X, etc... But noooo, she can't do something that fucking simple, so she says he hacked the network. It's really simple: school adult figures are fucking morons. Luckily our computer science teacher who we've had for the last 4 years is really smart and leniant on it all. She doesn't care what we do because she know's we're all intelligent and responsible, and most importantly, knows her fucking shit. [edited by - sporty on April 22, 2002 3:26:40 PM]

#2 Ronin_54   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 08:45 AM

Mwa, the trick is easy here. Our comp-sci teachers knew nothing, and our sys-admins knew nothing. Solution? Step to the local section-direction, and work for them. When something needs to be done on the teaching-computers, dont go to comp-sci teachers, but head straight to the direction or the ICT-coordinator. When the sys-admins make trouble, go straight to the Rector, since he is the only one above you.

After a while, our comp-sci teacher left school (and got replaced by a newbie who allready knows our position), we got our own sys-admin dude here (also a newbie, but he knows us and lets us help), and whenever there is a prob with something, either the ICQ-coordinator or our own local sys-admin can make sure that the real administrators get their asses in gear. When that fails, oh well, our cute little group goes to the rector again, aided by the section-direction... Works like a charm ^_^

#3 garconbifteck   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 08:55 AM

You are definately not the only one in this position, Hotmail is banned at my school because

"We don''t want that much E-mail stored on our computers, the problem is when you download E-mail it is permanently stored on the hard disk unless you delete it, which most people will forget to do"


"Computer games don''t affect kids. I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we''d all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music."-Kristian Wilson, Nintendo Inc. 1989

#4 elis-cool   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 09:06 AM

I''m with ya! our sys adim printed off a list of all the viruses on the system and it was litraly 4 pages long! hes a real moron.

CEO Plunder Studios

#5 Anonymous Poster_Anonymous Poster_*   Guests   

Posted 22 April 2002 - 09:31 AM

Not trying to be a prick myself, but maybe you should just avoid trying to play harmless jokes and using chat programs when your meant to be doing work. I''m not trying to be annoying, but there is just some things you should just not do around people like this.

By the way, why don''t you just bring the guy the documentation on Winpopup or something? Get your parent in or something.

#6 superpig   Members   

Posted 22 April 2002 - 10:00 AM

I guess this is another example of inept people in positions of authority

The problem is that people like that often hate being shown that they''re clueless. Trying to demonstrate that you know more than them will just result in them branding you a smartass...

You could always get someone to contact the school, asking if the school will participate in a survey of ''IT literacy in education.'' Get this friend to turn up with a ''test,'' and then have them test the staff, and one or two classes (including your own). If the test is at the right level, and the staff are as shocking as you say, the results - when shown to the school - should demonstrate the situation.

... of course, the way to avoid being branded a smartass is to get someone else to show them that they''re clueless for you.

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#7 Some Guy   Banned   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 10:12 AM

Well, I had the chance to take a class in computers at school, but I took a look at the teacher and said "Forget it."

A skinny little gay weiner like him can''t do anything but annoy me.

It was an easy class, from what I could tell. All they were doing was typing some HTML (not learning, typing) and putting together some of their own webpages on iMacs with Photoshop and everything. Seems that class had the second highest dropout rate of any other course there.

Now, my new school apparently is offering 3 computer classes:

Computers 1
Computers 2
Adv. Computers

I would love to see how "advanced" their Advanced Computers course is. Not likely that they''re teaching ASM or something.

The new teacher seems okay, though.

#8 Strife   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 10:18 AM

You know, you could''ve just stopped with the subject. No real use in explaining a statement of fact

But to go against what I just said...

This year, being my senior year, but also the first at this new school has sucked. This school system makes it very hard for new students, and they tried to not give me AP credit (i.e., weighting my grade) for AP Comp Sci, which I took back in Ohio, because they "don''t have it here, and that wouldn''t be fair for everyone else." Now wait a minute. I couldn''t take a lot of courses offered here , yet they don''t give me weighted grades for that!

Also, they decided not to give us new students ID cards for a few weeks, when the policy form that I signed (along with my parents) for Internet usage stated that you must have your ID card out when using it. Of course, not having one, a librarian came by and told me that I couldn''t use it because I didn''t have a card. I tried to explain to her my situation, and she just told me that there was "nothing she could do about it." I could continue this story, but I really don''t feel like it right now... Maybe later

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#9 Vulcan   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 11:17 AM

Man we musta got lucky in my HS. Our CS teacher was awesome. Freshman year, BASIC class. Our teacher could care less if you played games, granted you did your work. This ultimately resulted in about 45 minutes into the class "ok im starting up a quake game (4yrs ago) everyon join" we''d have the whole class playing a 16-plyr game of quake by the end of the class period. Oh what great fun.

Sophomore year, C++ class. About 11 of us took the class, and stayed in it for the whole year. This resulted in us sharing knowledge of how to get our c++ programs done, resulting in getting our assignments done even quicker, as you can imagine by the end of the semester, we learned quake like the back of our hands.

Junior year, no new CS courses available, so our little group of friends decided to do "independent study" ranging from web stuff to programming stuff. This resulted in absolute do-nothing-at-all class. It was great. I made my first game ever this year though so it wasnt a total loss.

Senior year, basically a repeat of junior year. Made another game. Discovered a magnificent game called CS. played CS ALOT.

Intermitintly there was a few strange events that occured. basically they stored everyones private data on one single drive on the network. Students only had access to there indiviual folders, but teachers had access to them all. You can only guess how much fun we had when we figured out some teachers password. Ahhhh so much fun.

And then there was the hiding files on the network drive. by using extended ascii folder names. took them a while to figure how that stuff worked.

and then there was modifying the schools newspaper files... oooo it was funny when they actually printed the articles we edited...

and throughout this whole time we were never even accused of doing anything malicious on the schools network. basically, our CS teacher figured we knew more about computers that the sys admin, and repeated asked for our help first when needing a computer fixed / bug found in coding, etc... it was great fun.

man thats a long ramble
fight back... do something that would take them a while to fix or figure out... just make sure you dont get caught :-)
there are probably a number of ways to do this... just find one

#10 Promit   Senior Moderators   

Posted 22 April 2002 - 12:24 PM

My school has blocked all known email sites, but they provide us with a pretty good email thing run by school servers that are stable and the inbox has a max of 15 MB. Not bad.

I''ve made it a point to be pretty close to the tech heads for the school, although at our school most people know what they''re doing. The CS teachers aren''t exactly programmers; they''re your typical math teacher. Only difference is that they are not computer-inept and they like programming. The VB teacher, the C++ teacher, and I all know that I am a far better programmer than they are and probably better than they ever will be. They don''t mind really. I guess I''m lucky in that sense. Then again, there are some foolish things:

Local admin user names/passwords are glued on the bottom of keyboards.
The district network that deals with like security systems and such things that are basically the back end for several thousand school computers is run...by a VAX. I''m amazed they even found ppl to maintain that thing.

The webpage design teacher is good too. Doesn''t claim to know more than he does, but he''s pretty good. java-script, ASP, PHP, SQL Server, and he knows solid HTML too.

My school is very tech-oriented; we have 1 computer for every 3 students and our school is about 1200 ppl i think.

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#11 Mulligan   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 12:48 PM

The biggest morons at my highschool are the librarians. Last year they all took a class on how to use the internet (duhh) and now they think that no one else could possibly understand all they know about it. Every time I''m in a class that goes down to the library to do research, the librarians give a 15min lecture on what the internet is and how to search on a topic. EVERY FUCKING TIME. I must have heard this speech 75 times this year alone.

There was one time I finished my work and was playing Tetris (which was on the computer already) and a librarian walked up behind me and yelled "What the heck do you think you''re doing mister! You could damage these computers!". I got 3 detentions.
That Ass Face.

#12 Quantum   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 01:02 PM

I got my account disabled for showing a sight-impaired person how to use MS Magnifier because it changed the colours (high contrast mode).
A friend renamed a netscape icon on a computer. The teacher formatted that computer.
A teacher didn''t want us playing games because it slowed the whole network down (the games weren''t networkable in any way).
I use DJGPP and RHide at school. It''s obviously hacking, because it''s in DOS. Anything in DOS, or anything with a black background and white text is hacking. Typing dir is hacking. Typing for %1 in (c:\windows\system\*.*) do type %1 is evil evil hacking that will no doubt destry every computer in the school.
If a computer crashes, say IE dies and brings down the whole system, some teachers get very suspicious of the person using that computer.
Need I go on?

#13 redneckCoder   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 01:54 PM

There''s web filters on the computers at my school that filter out pretty much every site that''s not 100% educational. Strangely enough it doesn''t filter out gamedev.net, and i know this site isn''t 100% educational. Anyways, I can pretty much do anything I want on the computers anyway because our school uses a self-paced learning system so you''re not constantly under the watch of a teacher. Our tech person, she doesn''t even have a proper title, is such a dumb ass. I mean, she''s nice and all, but dumb as fuck. Every time there''s a minor computer problem on one computer she has the whole network shut down to fix the single, solitary, local, error. Good thing I''m a senior, I can''t take much more of this. I mean, I''ve been putting up with their crap for the past four years, finding some way around every precautionary measure they put up. It''s getting pretty annoying. Oh well, 5 more weeks and I''m free. Later y''all.



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#14 glassJAw   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 02:01 PM

hmmmmm... worst trouble i got in at school was sending a message via net.exe to computer in the school (all win2k comps) saying "Hello"

I didnt even bother spoofing the computer name, it took them about 4 days to find me at which time I just denied doing it

Now they have disabled the messaging

My computer teacher is real cool about it. He was trying to figure out how to change the name it looks like the message is coming from :D

#15 lunarss   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 02:07 PM

Lol! This brings me back...

When I was a freshman in high school(8 years ago, wow), my friend and I took stupid keyboarding classes for easy A''s. Naturally, we finished our assignments way early and had a lot of time to burn, so we busted out QBasic and programmed songs!! It was pretty hillarious when the whole room was dead quiet with people doing their work and off in some corner you''d hear beep-beep-boop-beep to the tune of "Magic carpet ride." Good times.

#16 AfroFire   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 02:22 PM

Hah, classic.

I havn''t taken any typing classes or anything (I''m in Drafting 2, and I''m a freshman), but my friend is in typing, and being the nerd that he is, he finishes his assignments early.

Well, feeling curious, he explored the systems, and found Doom!!

So everyday now (still does this) he gets a small doom game going. Though I think only 4 people per game? Anywho,I can''t wait till next year, I''m going to try to get some independent study thing with my friends, do some programming stuff.


#17 23yrold3yrold   GDNet+   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 02:26 PM

Golly, I had it easy. All I ever got in trouble for was me and my buddy playing 2-player Nibbles when we finished our assignments in 5 minutes (and everyone else took ''til the end of class).

From some of these tales, maybe you guys might get a laugh out of this (if you haven''t seen it already)

Chris Barry (crbarry at mts.net)
My Personal Programming Depot

#18 Witchcraven   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 02:39 PM

FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!!!!! I used to think my schools tech people were cool til 5 minutes ago. They let me bring in some of my pc''s and eq to setup a small isolated linux network that me and some friends do some coding on. I also taught a comp sci elective with that network. I just learned the school system gave all of my eq and comps away without even warning me they were going to do so!!!!!!!GAHHHHH!!!!!! I think I am going to go post the ip address of the school network and the admin password on a hacking board now. I must say again, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#19 Some Guy   Banned   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 02:45 PM

Original post by Witchcraven
FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!!!!!! I used to think my schools tech people were cool til 5 minutes ago. They let me bring in some of my pc''s and eq to setup a small isolated linux network that me and some friends do some coding on. I also taught a comp sci elective with that network. I just learned the school system gave all of my eq and comps away without even warning me they were going to do so!!!!!!!GAHHHHH!!!!!! I think I am going to go post the ip address of the school network and the admin password on a hacking board now. I must say again, FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yours? If it was your equipment, sue them. Don''t let set them up for a good hacking, because that could screw you over even more.

#20 Shotokan   Members   


Posted 22 April 2002 - 02:46 PM

My high school didnt have computers(ones we could use anyhow). This was 1996-2000. I''m envious of you all.

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