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In Topic: C# for 2D game

14 March 2013 - 03:21 PM

I would just use XNA, unless there's some sort of reason you care that XNA is dead.  Given your desire to create a 2d game, using C#... it seems like xna would be a solid enough choice.  If you're worried about up-to-date libraries and such... open up that C++ book and... get used to it (he added gently).  If your just trying to learn a few things about game development, xna is simple... fun... and still serves that purpose well.


Either way, good luck :)



In Topic: XNA 4.0 Replacing Pixel Color

20 January 2013 - 03:15 PM

Well, this is what i'm talking about.  I'll use the following in my draw method


effect.Parameters["y"].SetValue(0);    // At y = 0 the rendertarget2d surface top row is altered using hlsl.


Not sure why it took me so long to find.  I haven't tried to implement yet, but I'm sure it'll work fine... I've also been toying around with another way to get the desired effect.  Thanks for the feedback.

In Topic: XNA 4.0 Replacing Pixel Color

19 January 2013 - 10:01 PM

I apologize for not being clear.


The effect would be applied to a rendertarget2d surface, not the image itself.  So in the above "example" the y = 0  parameter would cause the surface's pixel-row 0 to be altered, not the image pixel-row 0.  Aurioch's method is something I want to avoid beacuse it seems like it has needless overhead to do it during runtime, whereas applying color effects using HLSL seems to be very easy... I just want to apply that color effect to a single row of pixels (given an updating value: y) on the surface, rather than the entire surfafce. 



In Topic: Realistic Encouragement vs Trolling Tear-down

21 August 2012 - 12:12 PM

I remember when I first wanted to create video games. It wasn't about programming them. It becomes obvious, once you begin down the road of a beginner that things become technical and, dare I say tedious, to people that want to "simply" create something visually exciting and/or tell a legendary story. I think all of us are here to do exactly this having persevered, feeling either obligation or excitement while learning how to write code. Because programming is a word that is linked to any beginner's favorite video game, it's an exciting venture (until slammed by a know-it-all that takes too much pride in their contribution). There is a bittersweet aftertaste to everything in life. I think perpetuating negativity towards a far-fetched goal in game development, because it happened to you... is worthless. Cheers to humility.

In Topic: 2D sprites and ambient light

18 May 2012 - 04:46 PM

It looks like your drawing the lighting fx then the sprites on top of it. Play with the order of what you're drawing, if you haven't.