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Hello my name is David. I'm currently working a Settlement Agent for Nation Real Estate. I am currently looking for a job in the software field, whether in games or in other parts of the field.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from Auburn University on May 10, 2008. I was 1 of 5 graduates out of an original class of 100+ students in my major. I'll admit I may not be your best coder when I start but I am a hard worker and will do my best to become that person and I believe my determination in school shows this.

I am an experienced coder with roughly 4 years of academic Java programming experience and 2 years of academic C++ experience. I have also had limited experience in several other programming languages, such as Assembly, Prologue, Scheme, and SQL. I also bring my understanding of software engineering and process, such as creating use cases, uml diagrams, and system sequence diagrams. I have had some experience working in an IT field, through my internship with General Dynamics. I was one of four interns and the only software engineering intern. During my time as an intern for General Dynamics I worked extensively with the Software Applications Development team and the Project management Office. I did several small projects however the one I’m am most proud of was helping them with creating a new process guide which helped instruct costumers, through forms and templates, how to submit projects to the development team. I also helped in with scheduling of task through making of calendars and gnat charts of each development cycle for multiple projects. Probably the most experience with a game development company has to be my time as a volunteer with game Ogame. I am currently a board moderator at Ogame.org, which is an online text based space MMO made by the Germany company Gameforge. There I maintain the sections of universes 4-6 in which is a section where players can post attacks, resource trades, and wars of servers 4-6 and I am also the moderator the account trades, searches, and offers section in which players are allowed to trade or give away there accounts. I have been a moderator since roughly December 2009. Before that time I was a Game Operator or GO for short. A GO is responsible for going through player’s logs and finding cheating going on ingame and either banning the player or in case of the offender being an illegal scripter passing it up to the higher admins so they could analyze the script to make preventative measures and ban the scripter. As part of being a Go we had to answer tickets from users as to why they were banned and answer appeals, as well as users sending in notifications of certain activities in which users were permitted to do with only a Go’s approval. Being a Go was a volunteer job that was very demanding and required a lot patience with angry and upset users in which I was happy to do from February 2007 to March 2008. One thing that both the volunteer positions awarded me with was a place on both their internal and external beta universes as a tester. We used a built in game bug submission form to help report bugs and provide feedback to the developers. I was fortunate enough to be a tester of their recently rolled out redesign version 1 before it was made public. As a tester I was able to also get access to a 2 new features, Dark Matter and Expeditions, before they were made public and create a guide about them, which was released when the version of the game was deployed to the public and has since been translated to several other language servers and has become the go to guide on those features.

While in school I took the experimental game development class that was offered my senior year. In the class we were given a task of creating a game in less then a month with a group of our classmates, which was rather a big task as many of us had never built a game and the class was a mixture of multiple majors. My group made Claustrum, a first person shooter game set in the future in which you were an escaped convict trying to clear your name while being hunted by the cops. I played mainly 3 roles in the development. First and foremost I was the producer, I set up meetings and made sure our project stayed on task and help cut and procure game assets such as model as we realize we didn’t have enough time to make our own. I’m extremely proud of this role as we were the only group to create a first playable level, while the rest had only tech demo’s to show as they attempted to use other engines or make their own than the one taught to us in class which was 3D Game Studio. Another role I took on was as concept artist which was not originally a role I was supposed to do however when our concept artist dropped from the class I stepped in to fill the role. My final role was being a programmer for the game. Admittedly due to time constraints and my lack of knowledge of the game engine I was only able to implement a splash screen that explained the reason why you were in jail and as one of the feature we were hoping to add was making people being able to walk on ceilings and wall, I was only able to make it so they could walk up slants on the along the wall.

As my senior class project we created Tetris for the yet unreleased open source phone Openmoko. Since the phone was yet to be released and stabilized during the development process we faced many difficult challenges and had to over come. Eventually we as well as the professor who assigned us the project were unable to get a graphical interface installed on our development platform, so we were only able to get a text based version of Tetris, which I made while my group worked on the graphical side, onto the phone.

Another thing that I can bring to a testing job is my time in the glitching community of Halo 2. I made several instructional video’s for the website Halo-2-glitches.com, which has apparently gone through several owners and have taken my videos down since I last visited, of how to get out of level super bounce and other various glitches found in the game. To this day I still run into people online, who I never met before, that thank me for teaching them how to preform glitchs through my instructional videos.

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