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In Topic: Why does a company need offices all around the globe?

06 July 2013 - 02:53 AM

Here in Nottingham uk we have just had a crytek studio open up across from my workplace. Everyday I have to sit there starring at their god damn logos teasing me about my dream job that I probibly won't ever get.. Haha..

In Topic: Fleet Limit

25 June 2013 - 01:12 AM

There is a space empire consisting of 100 planets, these planets generate 1,000 recruits that can be used as ships CREW.

You build SHIPS, there is no limit on number of constructed ships but the number of ACTIVE SHIPS (fleet) is limited by crew available.


Now, the question is how to handle the crew and ships relationship?


Typically in such games crew is used as a hard limit for building ships (you can't build more ships that crew allows) but I can't do it, I need a pool of obsolete/unused ships that are not manned at the moment. My system is supposed to be highly automated (the AI manages which ships are active and which are waiting in reserve, send them to repairs and move older ships to reserve when better ones are built), that part is easy.


But what to do if:

- a ship is destoyed (so the crew capacity is freed) - should the crew immediatelly man the next best unmanned ship OR is the crew "dead" and you need to wait till the planets regenerate their pool of recruits?

- a ship is damaged and is sent for repairs - should the crew be able to just switch to a fully operational unmanned ship from reserve (which could be quite unbalancing in case you have a large pool of older unmanned ships, it could make wars quite long; also what to do if their original (better) ship is repaired, should they switch back again)?



regarding -"a ship is destroyed", I would personally assign different 'escape pod' values to each type of ship (if your using different types of ship). so say a cruiser may be able to save 20 % of its crew while a science vessel my save 50%. if your, that way your saving some of the crew but still giving the player a reason to not letting his ships die.


-"a ship is damaged", this depends entirely on how realistic your making this. it would be one idea to make the crew move to new ships regardless of if the older ship is damaged - after all you don't see the navy still putting out wooden sailing ships. Then again you could have a crew experience field - which increases the ships capability the longer it has served on a vessel. which would mean you would want the crew to return to the older ship once it has been repaired. again my preference would be to have the crew make a permanent move to a new ship every third generation of ship and a temp move while repairs are being made before that, I would also put in the experience field.

In Topic: Back to the grindstone

17 June 2013 - 01:00 PM

Lol, aye FLeBlanc. I must admit I have been looking though a few other peoples - all looks neater and better written than mine, I was actual on the bus when I read Alpha's reply and I gave out a little WTF. But I fixed the second problem too :D.. games looking good now.. anyway... if I get time I will post up the code to this particular coding horror :D..

In Topic: Back to the grindstone

17 June 2013 - 12:10 PM

Lmao. Wasn't expecting a debate and a small fire to break, I. Said that I was experience a coding horror of my own. I must have missed the sticky that specified "must contain code", it is very rare I will actually ask for help with code.Only when I knows piece of code should be working but doesn't and I need an extra set of eyes will I ask for help. And the " have sorted it"reply was simply in response to the per defined expected level of happiness at solving the problem. Didn't feel a need to post my solution as I never posted a problem, if u believe I posted in the wrong forum then please assist me with directions to a more appropriate place.
Oh an on a different note, please feel free to head over to the beginner section as I am possibly going to post p another little problem if I can't work out a solution soon.

In Topic: Artifictial Society Simulation

17 June 2013 - 08:01 AM

This is defiantly feasible, seeing as u don't ever plan on releasing the project u can start by thinking small.
If it was me I would forgo the graphics for the time being and begin by displaying each agent as a coloured dot on he screen. Also start with the basics, hunger, fatigue and lifespan. Make food readily available and then slowly add extra avenues and routines.

Sounds really fun though.