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Lior Tal's Sandbox > Developing for WebGL with Unity 5

Posted 20 April 2015

Hey All !

The slides from our presentation on "Unity and WebGL" are now available here: http://bit.ly/1G8Ju5f

We talked about the process of getting our game "Wonderball Heroes " to WebGL, and all the challenges, optimizations and other bugs we faced along the way.

It's pretty technical, but may be really helpful for all of you planning to support thi...

Lior Tal's Sandbox > Auto Save for Unity

Posted 23 January 2015

This article was originally posted on Random Bits . Check it out for more Unity related content.
What can you do when a team member suffers a recurring Unity editor crash, losing all level design work ? My answer was to write a small and helpful editor extension - auto save! (and then blog about it).


This post describes a simple solution for im...

Lior Tal's Sandbox > Finding Missing References in Unity

Posted 06 December 2014

While working with Untiy, missing references can occur for many different reasons. They are simply a broken "link" between objects and can result in the game not behaving correctly or even crash.

I just posted a new article on my blog on how to find missing references in Unity: http://www.tallior.com/fixing-missing-references/

Check it out and let me k...

Lior Tal's Sandbox > A summary of Unity's attributes

Posted 16 November 2014

Attention attention, Unity developers.
I have written a short post, summarizing all of Unity's public attributes (45 in total).

Check it out here to see how many you already know, and to learn about the rest: http://www.tallior.com/unity-attributes/

Lior Tal's Sandbox > Wonderball Heroes hits 500K on Google Play

Posted 10 November 2014

Our game - Wonderball Heroes, has recently hit the 500K download mark on Google Play.

For more info (and the download link to check out the game), see this post: http://www.tallior.com/wonderball-heroes-500k-downloads/