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Once a Bird > Get In The Ring - Part 2

Posted 17 August 2015


I'm now into week 3 of Get In The Ring's development. A friend told me the camera was a bit jerky and pointed me to this excellent article that covers anything and everything about cameras in side-scrollers. For now I've adopted the camera smoothing approach where the camera chases the player position instead of always being centered on it. It help...

Once a Bird > Get In The Ring

Posted 12 August 2015

Get In The Ring is our new game, currently in the second week of development. It's a top-down brawler inspired by the combat system in the latest Batman games, coupled with the constant upgrade progression systems of games like You Must Build A Boat. It's being developed in Unity, here's the first gameplay GIF:


Once a Bird > Suit Suit Go is out now for iOS and Android!

Posted 28 July 2015

Just realized now I didn't even talk about this game here before.

Suit Suit go is a puzzle/card game where you upgrade cards by making sequences. It was developed with Unity. It's free and our first game to be ad-supported. Please give it a try!



Once a Bird > Twitchy Thrones is out now for Android!

Posted 07 January 2015

Twitchy Thrones is out now for Android! And also iPad.

Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.onceabird.twitchythrones

App Store link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/twitchy-thrones/id898649182?mt=8

Once a Bird > Reducing Unity game file size

Posted 11 December 2014


I've been busy porting Twitchy Thrones to Unity. The game was originally programmed in Objective-C, using XCode and the Cocos2D framework. Cocos2D is a great framework but if you want to publish your game for iPhone, Android and PC you have to use C++ and Cocos2D-X. Setting up Cocos2D-X isn't trivial and using C++, of course, implies losing comfor...