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Restoring the stencil on x360

02 November 2013 - 05:07 AM



In our project, we want to get better performance on Xbox360, so for some specific pass, we want to use hi-stencil to do some pre-PS culling. But unfortunately, some bits of the stencil buffer were used for other reasons in other passes. So my idea is as below if restoring stencil value is available,


a. render the geometries with color writing disable, and set the unused stencil bit to my specific value.

b. render the geometries with color writing disable, and zero the unrelated stencil bits with writing mask. On the other hand, use the hi-stencil ref num same as the stencil value, with hi-stencil func notequal. So the pixels which are not on the geometries are set to culled in hi-stencil buffer.

c. render full screen quad with ps and coloring writing on. So just render on the part with hi-stencil not culled.

d. restore stencil buffer to the original value.


Yeah, I've already know that we can restore the depth value using a simple depth-restore ps with color writing disabled. My question is that, can we create a simple ps to retore stencil buffer? Or is there any other solution for my situation?

Question about BSP tree

17 March 2011 - 02:49 AM

Recently, I'm learning game scene management, and especially on BSP tree and Quad tree & octree. I've come across this question.

As I learned from some paper work, I know that, in a scene, we can make a bsp tree and put polygons into the nodes or leaves to accelerate rendering. But in a real game scene, there's not only one big model. For example, a big church, it is a model, and there're also many other things in it, e.g. desks or chairs, of cause they're with different VB, IB and materials. So if we look the models as sets of polygons, and divide the sets into nodes' polygon-lists, when rendering, we'll keep changing VB, IB and materials, that will be a waste of time, isn't it? Or is there something I misunderstood? Or there's many bsp trees in a scene, and one model, one bsp tree?

directx with mfc

09 February 2010 - 01:16 AM

Hello, guys. I want to use directx in MFC, and here is my problem now. I draw a triangle and a tank mesh, and the triangle is nearer to the eyes' position than then tank. And the depth test is enabled. But I don't know why the tank is still shown....