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#5112756 CryEngine VS UDK! Which is the best?

Posted by Aspirer on 28 November 2013 - 08:50 AM

I decided to start doing a little game



I'm not nearly as experienced or knowledgeable as the gentleman above me, but I'm sure he would agree: if you just barely decided to do "a little game," then neither one are probably going to help you as they're both loaded to the maximum with features and abilities that most people who are just starting game developing and wanting to do a small project would find over-powered and unnecessary.  Not to mention it's not considered really user-friendly from what I've seen/read in comments (unless you've got a fair bit of experience in game development.)



With that said, I also take the stance "which game engine is best" == "which programming language is best"...

#5110251 Hours per week

Posted by Aspirer on 18 November 2013 - 12:20 PM

Just learning, so I've been putting a lot of time into it. Once I'm comfortable I won't spend the majority of my time learning as opposed to doing, I'll slow down but for now, 15 throughout the weekdays and 6 or so on Saturday and Sunday.

#5109959 Recommendation for what game engine I should use?

Posted by Aspirer on 17 November 2013 - 12:47 PM

Big fan of Unity...


But I think more importantly, pick a handful and select which one is more intuitive to your own personal preferences.  Anything Unity can do, UDK and CryEngine can do (and vice versa).  I just happened to pick up Unity, and it just kinda "fit" me. 


Try them all, see what you seem to pick up the easiest.  Chances are if it fits you, you can find a way to make it work for whatever your needs are.

#5109957 PUTT People's Choice Award and Comments

Posted by Aspirer on 17 November 2013 - 12:33 PM

Thank you @riuthamus for your scorecards. Even though my game apparently didn't make the cut, I was cheering for all the other guys as I read over your scoring and comments.


Let's see here.... it is now November 17th, so I guess this means that any minute now like seven more judges are going to be suddenly posting all kinds of scores and results. It would be really cool to see some more judge scorecards.


This has been a great competition with a really great concept, and lots of fantastic entries. Thanks to gamedev.net and Alpha_ProgDes for putting it together.


Some of the other contestants have mentioned the possibility of working together on a future project as a team, and I would say definitely count me in. My ideal game development dream team would include all of the participants in this contest, including zomgbie, wintertime, Noctumus, Aspirer, crow007, segmented, shadowisadog, Mippy, LucentBeam, vortex, staunsholm... everyone. Or at least as many as possible. Just imagine what we could create if we made something together. This brings me to an important question:


If such a dream team were to be formed, what type of programming language would be best to work in?...


My vote would be pixi.js, which is basically a javascript game engine which works in all browsers as well as working on mobile devices (if configured properly).


I created a simple website with a bunch of pixi.js examples which should work in any browser, and some of the examples work on iPhone Android etc. Just viewing the source code on some of the examples should provide a basic overview of pixi.js, but if you want a more detailed look, here is the github version. Pixi could be an interesting platform for developing a team project. I would also be down to work on a different platform if people have other preferences.


Also, what would the game concept be? I would say that simple is better than complex..... although.... it might be cool to make a platformer.... or a RealTimeStrategy game........


Does anyone have any game concept ideas to share?


I'm definitely interested in a team project.  I'd be okay with learning pixi.js; I've been using Unity, so of course that's my favored option.  In terms of general programming, I've got experience in C++ and C# (though my game-dev knowledge with them is essentially nil.)  In terms of projects, I'm down for anything (nothing too simple, I prefer to gain something with each game).  Anyway, just so we're not clogging this topic up, go ahead and message or email me if you're interested.

#5109636 Candy Crush type game in C

Posted by Aspirer on 15 November 2013 - 09:11 PM

Possibly because

is assigning 1 to r. Instead you might want to use:





You need to change the 4th line to:

scanf("%s", &name);
Using %c will only read a single character, not a complete string.

You can use this page as a reference for format specifiers: http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/cstdio/printf/





I would also like to expand on what Lenny said with a small tip on scanf.
Typically it is dangerous to use scanf on a fixed size array as from what I remember scanf does no bounds checking at all. It would be safer to either a use a char** or to use the version that does bounds checking which I think is sscanf(). I would do a search first as the name of the function may be wrong off the top of my head.

sscanf performs just like scanf except that it gets its input from a given string rather than from the stdin stream. While that does make it inherently safer as you can control the sizes of both the input and output strings it isn't useful in this scenario.

The better approach is to use:

fgets(name, sizeof(name), stdin);

You can get the same result using scanf, but with an extra line by doing:

scanf("%20s" &name);
name[19] = '\0';

But then you have to change two lines if you change the size of the name string. The fgets line would not need to be changed if the size of the string changed.






Just my two cents, but I don't think just handing out the answers to his school assignment's really the thing to do here.  Maybe tell him where the error is, rather than showing him the correct version--let him figure out WHY it's wrong on his own instead of handing him an A on the assignment...



Also, I'm curious if Mr. Saad hasn't been handed the answers through his Programming course, as some of these questions and errors would be addressed in any course before working with multi-dimensional arrays and functional games...  Not criticizing his ability exactly, just saying he seems to be in a bit over his head, for having done his work on his own and grasping the material up to this point... Also

can you check the game out and assist me in writing the code for it?

seems more like "please tell me the answers" rather than "tell me how to get the answer"...

#5109564 Text based adventure game Microsoft Visual Studio c#

Posted by Aspirer on 15 November 2013 - 02:45 PM

Again, this is a school assignment, so I'm going to be specifically vague...


A "Room" class, listing all information (Description, exits (hint: Enums), and items)


Your basic map is 2D.  North/South & East/West...  A multidimensional array to handle your multi-dimensional map.


(Also, your NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST enumeration should be checked to see if it's a valid exit).

#5106620 Can programming screw my computer

Posted by Aspirer on 03 November 2013 - 02:05 AM

Programming, no.


An inexperienced, explorative programmer, yes.  ^_^

#5106562 PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

Posted by Aspirer on 02 November 2013 - 04:13 PM

(btw, any luck getting StickBall to work?...).

Aspirer's submission: Opening Credits are a really nice touch. The power-up cube appears to be created with GL?... nice effect.


Unfortunately, no, I'm still trying to work on it.  Thanks for the comments! I created mine entirely using Unity3D (was a good way to learn the engine basics, actually). 


BTW, you mentioned the browser games and so forth...  Segmented's game is entirely in javascript--you can "View Source" and see all the code.


But something you might like even more--Unity supports exporting to a browser based format, which would let you make even fully functional 3d games for web-browsers.

#5106254 PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

Posted by Aspirer on 01 November 2013 - 09:17 AM

Hey, Nocturnus pointed out that mine (the windows version?) may not be working. Again, it's incomplete anyhow, but I think this may fix it...




I'm completely new to C++ and SFML, and also haven't really packaged anything before. Hopefully it works smile.png


I liked your idea, the theme and visual appeal of your game, but the controls are a too glitchy for me to play it very long. The same buttons move you in opposite directions depending on where your minute hand is on the clock, meaning if I'm going one direction, then I suddenly need to go back the other direction, the controls have reversed, so when I switch to the other arrow key, I continue going in the original direction....  It's hard for me to explain better than that, but basically the same directional arrows push you clockwise, start to move you counter clockwise when you move your paddle past some invisible barrier...



Fix this, and I think you'd have a good game, but I can't play it with those controls.  Sorry.

#5106249 PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

Posted by Aspirer on 01 November 2013 - 08:56 AM

It looks like Noctumus and his little team are off to ...


*shades on*




https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/11147293/putt/putt.zip [10.9 MB, Win7 (and XP I think)]



Lol, this was a damn good, fully finished game.  Much impressed.  Kudos on the "worm-hole" powerup idea!  My biggest (really only) suggestion is possibly slowing down that damn ball so I don't lose every time. O_o

#5106245 PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

Posted by Aspirer on 01 November 2013 - 08:47 AM

Here is what I have so far.  Needs lots of work. Only 4 hours left "o NO!"

Should work on windows with .net 3.5 and managed dirextx 1.0.2902.0.







Lol, I played this one a few times.  Fun and frustrating (at higher levels)


I liked it was more than just basic pong but still kept the pong-esque feel to it.  Very nice.  Multiple ball option was pretty intense.


I've got a few more suggestions for you than the ones I've played so far, but your game was more advanced and more finished than most:

--Power ups, lol! (I know you didn't have it completely finished, but I would suggest finishing it with a couple power ups)

--A win/lose screen.  The game does keep a running tally of your and the opponents score, but after adding the total score, returns to the main menu with no win/lose info.  I even skipped to Round 10 to make sure I didn't have to win the toughest round.  It tallied the score, then sent me back to the menu.  I noticed one bug here.  Whenever you win a level, it automatically moves your "Start Round ->" option to the next highest round.  At the max level, 10, it does this and sets it to 11, even though if I adjust this option, it only lets me select lvl 1 through 10 again.

--Two bugs at Round 10.  And this is just due to the speed effecting collision detection.  I had one of my balls (hee hee) bounce through the wall, off the screen, and just near the end, the AI paddle did as well, leaving me with one ball (another hee hee) and no enemy, just some "break out" blocks to get rid of and win.




All in all, you just need to add some polish to the game and fine tune.

#5106238 PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

Posted by Aspirer on 01 November 2013 - 08:32 AM

Too bad i didn't had the time to finish the game, i only got the basic to work, here it is.


Instructions are in the Readme.txt file.



I've played yours now, and overall it looks like a good, basic version of pong like you said.  Graphics are pretty basic, but it has a clear interface, etc. 



My two suggestions for you (besides just go ahead and finish the game)

--Perhaps make the ball start in a random direction.  As of now, the initial bounce is always in the same direction (about 10 o'clock)

--Maybe slow the ball down to about 75% of it's current speed, maybe gradually work up to the speed it is now.


Good job!

#5106236 PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

Posted by Aspirer on 01 November 2013 - 08:25 AM

Unfortunately I have been very busy at work lately and I have run out of time to work on my game.


My (half finished) entry is here: http://www.donaldsmay.com/projects/DestroyerOfGalaxies.zip


It does not meet the requirements, but at least there is something to show for it smile.png .


I had fun though and I look forward to playing everyone's games!


Like you said, it's half-finished, but it has the basic "pong" functionality.  I liked the graphics, the BG music and the overall theme and visual appeal.  Wish you would've gotten it finished; I think it'd be a good game.  Especially if you haven't made a full game before--keep it up!

#5106234 PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

Posted by Aspirer on 01 November 2013 - 08:19 AM


Heres my submission: http://andrew.pregent.ca/putt3.html


Chrome only, please! smile.png Didn't have time to make it cross browser so thats all I tested.


Notes for the judges:

  • I'm presuming the "moarpwr" option will count as a hard mode... its definitely more chaotic anyway...
  • Press Esc in the main menu to see the exit screen.
  • Press Esc during gameplay to see the pause screen.
  • Save functionality is implemented using cookies. Refresh the page, and note it will keep the current level.
  • The power-ups are the ascii characters that appear on the screen. There are 6 kinds in total, 4 of which deal with time.
  • The animated background changes at the bonus round (level 3).




I played yours first.  I like it, especially it's lack of advanced graphics--goes to show you don't have to show detailed brain matter and snot shooting out of noses from a 1000 yard head shot in order to have a good game.


I have two key complaints, and they're easily fixed.

--It didn't have any introduction or instructions.  For instance, any indication on the start screen of what the game would be.  No way without reading your post of the power-ups or what they do, and stuff.  There's no indication that when the game starts, press up/down for difficulty/points-to-win, etc.  I'm sure most people would figure it out as easily as I did, but I would recommend making it totally idiot-proof, where even a dyslexic w/ Down Syndrome could figure it out.


--This is more of a personal peeve than anything, but I think I should be controlling the LEFT paddle! lmao




OH, and about compatibility, the only thing I noticed on my IE browser was that sound didn't play.  (Worked fine in Chrome).

#5106229 PUTT Updates and Finals Thread

Posted by Aspirer on 01 November 2013 - 08:01 AM

The instructions screen clarifies the power ups.    The rapidly spinning box speeds your paddle movement, the slowly spinning box slows the ai paddle movement, and the counterclockwise spinning box reverses the movement of the ball ("rewinding time").  There's no visual cue that the effects take place, just the power up sound effect.


Thanks for trying it out!