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#4884914 what is a good story?

Posted by Jack Mariani on 17 November 2011 - 04:28 AM

Show don't tell is a basic rule for a written story, it's very old and accepted by the experts.

But I think we should talk about: game don't show (a new rule I heard about gaming, I think on penny arcade - extra credits, don't remember which episode).

In a game we should express the story using the game challenges.

Ex. in assassin creed you KILL.
Yes, the killing is also showed. But it's not simply a cut scene or a line of dialogue (that are ok for other media such movie or books), the challenge of the game is the main issue to communicate the story.

@ msvc
The story, with some little adjustment I think, is ok.
The question is: how do you plan to implement it in the videogame? In which genre does it fit? Why it is good for a videogame?

#4797139 MMORPG in the hand of the player

Posted by Jack Mariani on 11 April 2011 - 09:05 AM

How can I give the players of a MMORPG power to create their own stories?

I know that it seems a story writing topic, but I think it's more game related, since I'd like to find game elements to entice player interaction with the world.

I read some opinions about this argument, and I started to hear the word "story sensing". So I'd like to deepen these concepts.

I think the first element to be defined is what's the stake? Why does it matter for the player?
And what's the prize?

Some example I know is "territorial conquest": an element in some MMORPG where the player has to defend or conquer some place, and the story of the world is related to these wars.

After a little brainstorming I thought about 3 type of stake:
- Territorial wars, where player fight to conquer a place. -> the prize is territory control.
- Buildings or item creation, where players need to interact to gather resources to create something big -> the prize is a "special item"
- Grand Jury, where the player can vote to change something. - > in this latter case the prize can be everything, but I think that the "vote" alone is a little boring.

Any other ideas?

I'm searching for any other example of a game element that let the player interact with a MMORPG setting. I need game elements to help the players to create their own stories.
And I'm really interested to listen to new ideas, too.

Any suggestion? Do you think it's good to entice players to create their own stories for a MMORPG or you think it's bettere another type of approach?
And how?