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My name is Bartosz and I'm 24. Some time has passed since I first took my first steps in game making via Gamedev.net. Way back in January, everything seemed so simple -- have an idea, assemble some people and make a game.

Over this time, each of those tasks has gained depth and, for me, each became a milestone in itself. Their true meaning unfolded in front of my eyes, becoming complex, riddled with problems and dilemmas.

By no means am I complaining -- I love the challenge associated with creating a game. Especially designing it -- outlining the concept, actions, story, art direction... I wish I could do those things all by myself -- each seems so fascinating and important!

Right now I am learning C# and working with Unity -- a tool that will hopefully help me put across my ideas, speak to those of similar mind, and unite them in a purpose of creating a game.

Lessons learned on Gamedev.net:

* Creating hobby games is far more difficult than commercial work. At work, your motivation is money. In a hobby project, nothing is keeping you, apart from your good will (which, sadly, can unexpectedly fail).
* Having an idea is simple -- putting it across and "selling" it is an art in its own right.
* Proof is everything -- having a concept is worth far less than presenting an ugly prototype that has some working bits.
* Judgement is an easy thing to pass. Most of the time, we tend to criticize others, hammering at their resolve. Unrelentlessly we look for the tiniest flaws. If only we could appreciate those that defend themselves well, instead of just disregarding them as uninteresting.
* Time is a resource we never have enough of. And one we reluctantly share.

Mayhap by the end of 2011 I will have finished a 2D game that I decided would be fully featured with art, sound and proper gameplay. Fingers crossed everybody!

As promised and as a way of saying "Th4nks!1" for taking the time to visit my profile, here are a few funny quotes from the sessions of D&D and Warhammer FRP I've had:

*I was playing Rylien, a shy magician's apprentice. It was late at night, drunk around 1,5l of cola and ate a lot of pizza*
DM: So, Rylien enters the room.
Me: I take a sneak peak at Thorngir *our dwarf* and sit down on a chair. *a mighty burp errupts due to the amount of soda drank*
DM: *silent for a while* So. Rylien goes like BUUUUURP in your face Thorngir. Any reaction?
P1: 'Um... Bless ye?'

DM: You reach the high, snow covered mountain top the old man spoke of. It's freezing, you can barelly feel your limbs and it's getting dark
P1: I start building an igloo.
DM: *thinks* Roll dexterity
P1: *rolls a high score* So?
DM: You manage, with a little help from the others, to create a flimsy igloo that will most likelly allow all 4 of you to sleep in relavite warmth.
P2: I go inside the igloo and start a fire! *he's a mage*
DM: You didnt take any wood
P2: I take the spare sheets from my pack and cast a small fireball at them
DM: *facepalm* Roll then...
P2: *multiple failed rolls*
DM: Well... You manage to make a flame. You changed the properties of the snow around you to make it flamable. The igloo is catching fire in an alarming rate.
P3: I pull P2 from the igloo!
DM: You manage to do that before the whole thing does BOOM. You are now covered in ash and a bit warmer *rolls dice* P2 is warmer since he pissed his pants.

DM: You got mugged by a group of men. *again 4 player group, me as an alchemist, a mage (the one from the above story), a noble and a thief* You were then thrown to the city jail...
Me: Why?!
DM: For being naked in the middle of a city. For public disorder. Coz they didn't like you. Point is, you got some rags on you now. The man watching over your cell laughs at your bunch and spits inside the cell.
P1: *thief* Is there any way I can force the lock?
DM: *roll* Not really.
P2: *the mage* Can i cast a curse at the guard?
*a commotion broke up between the players as they strained to think up a lesser curse that would allow them to flee*
P2: So I cast curse!
DM: You can't, you need an item of the one being cursed.
Me: He spat into the cell. Will that do?
DM: ... Well... *sigh* yes...
P2: *starts stirring in the spit and whispering incantations while we again discuss what curse to use best*
Me: Cast diarrhea on him when he'll be walking by. He'll s**t himself wild at the spot and we'll snatch the keys!
*The DM ponders and annouces the guard is coming near the cell*
P2: I cast Curse! Impotence!
Everyone: *a WTF expression*
DM:*calm, rolls dice* Fine. The guard won't be capable of satysfying a woman for 2 weeks.

*Needless to say, on another occasion, with Rylien as my char, the dwarf and my brother as a thief, we got thrown into jail for no reason again. We were tainted with a curse of bad luck that only our medallions could keep at bay. The medallions were confiscated during arrest*
DM: So, you're locked in the cell
P1: *thief* I try and force the lock
DM: The wooden spoon you got might do the trick. You start experimenting with the idea while no one is around to see.
Me: Well, since we're cursed, I'll conjure up a frog... And put it in my mouth... When the guards come, I'll insist that the curse is taking hold and they need to let us go immediatelly unless they want the village cursed as well.
DM: *sigh* Roll then
Me: *failed roll* Um...
DM: *poker face, rolls dice reveral times* So... you conjure something up... It a big salamander that shoots fire, shurikens and lightning! ... Or maybe only fire and lightning. It turns to you and hisses...
*basically, a semi combat scene now began. My bro thief lost his hair to fire that melted the bars of our cage and the lizard trashed the whole village before we managed to escape out of it's reach to water. Thorngir mourned half of his beard for a week*

*In a dungeon. Our group was standing near a door to a room filled with scaven - we could see when through a small barred window in the door. We were discussing about using that gap for our archer to shoot. 10 minutes later, the DM interrupted*
DM: You hear the door creeking. A bunch of scaven started approaching you.
Me: What, when?!
DM: Well, while you were discussing your tactics you were quite loud at it.
Me: But... We said that aloud?! in character?
DM: Yup.
*A fight broke up. The most notable thing was me scoring a double critical hit roll to the scaven's leg, killing it and having the leg pinned to the wall (without the rest of the body ofcourse)*

*The DM found us hurrying through a sewer maze a tad too fast. we had to face a giant squid like creature. Me as alchemist, a dwarf (different one this time), a noble and an archer elf*
P1: *dwarf* Well, I charge the beast!
DM: *rolls* You missed the tentacle *roll* But it hit you, banging you against the wall.
P2: *archer* i shoot an arrow. *rolls a 6* Yess! *Rolls another 6* Whoa! *3rd 6 in a row and an evil grin towards the more and more gloomy GM* One more? *Rolls a 3* Buu...
DM: *rethinks the whole thing and writes something in notebook* - You put an arrow through the creatures eye - the missle reached deep, only the feathers of the arrow are visible.
P3: *thief* I charge at the beast with the dagger! *rolls 6* Woo! *another 6, the DM is kinda annoyed* *and a 5, greeted with a big Awwww...*
DM: *rubs his temple and consults some charts* You plunge the dagger elbow deep into the creatures other eye... *silence* It's dead, you can rejoice now.
*As we learned later, the squid was buffed from the very beggining to make it a challenge. After the first critical streak, the DM cranked up it's HP so that it wouldn't die. It did after the second critical streak. The players got extra EXP at the end of the meeting for their luck.*

DM: You notice a man in a black coat staring intently at you...
P1: I ignore him and ask the bartender for a drink
DM: ... from behind the bar, wiping a glass with a barelly clean piece of material.
P1: Fine, I ask for a beer
DM: The man shakes his head slowly and says in a strange voice "Might I have a word with you? In private?"
P1: I leave the bar.
DM: As you try to leave the bar, a fight breaks out near the enterance. Several bear-like men started at each other, blocking the door.
P1: I use my sneak skill to bypass them
DM: You were detected and kicked in the nuts by accident. That's minus 1 wound for you.
P1: What?!
DM The man in the black cape is still staring at you....

~ An actual Dungeon Master/Player situation in D&D I've had way back when :D

DM: 'So, ye be wantin a room? That'll be... 4 gold pieces.'
P1: I use my evaluate skill to evaluate the room. Is it worth that much?
DM: ... No, the bartented is ripping you off.
P2: I use my rhetoric skills and say 'That's too much. 3 gold!'
DM: '4 gold'
P2: '3 gold!!'
DM: '2 godl!!'
P2: 'Sold!'
DM: *moment of consternation* Wh-wha?!

~ An actual Dungeon Master/Player situation in D&D I've had way back when :D

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