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In Topic: The Week of awesome II! - The second annual unofficial gamedev competitio...

26 August 2014 - 02:57 PM

Sure, I'll join in; lets hope i can think of an idea for the theme, whatever this 'theme' will be xD (OLD SKOOL! xD)

In Topic: Question for Experts, especially for Beginners: Motivation, how NOT to lose it?

20 June 2014 - 10:06 AM

Let me start by a shameless plug.

I've written an article on Gamedev about how to remain motivated during indie development.

I read that when it came out! Tried it actually, kinda worked, until my normal motivation killers came >.<


Keep away what can ruin your motivation: client (if it's work-for-hire).


No matter if it's for a leaving or an hobby, detach yourself from your project sometimes! It help to come back at it with a fresh view. 


Show you project! Feedback can be really motivating and give inspiration smile.png


It already has been said but working with good group is more motivating than anything!

I like the list you got there!

There are a lot of highly unmotivated experts out there.

Okay, I guess I was Assuming a bit TOO much wasn't I? rolleyes.gif Whoops!


Anyhow, Thanks for all the replies so far; Keep them coming! I hope everyone who reads this learns a thing or two (including me >.<)

In Topic: Am I Doing this Backwards?

24 September 2013 - 06:14 PM

Yeah, art is a problem for most of us developers with no sense of it and ADHD as well. I don't have much advice to give other than to try to use some debug crappy asset till you develop the features you want.

Thankfully, I've overcame that little problem. Art isn't a problem as it once was...sure HUD will be a pain in the rear, but I know enough to make the basic HUD and I can spend hours later trying to perfect it;

1 - (3) Pick a language and SDK and stick with it.

Basically it's Irrlicht or Panda3D, depending on what I'm aiming for; This newest project (lets hope it works out!) will be done in Panda3D; primary reason: it's the only engine I got to step 6 with >.< the only reason why that game was canceled was because I did a very stupid thing and told Panda to do collision detection using a ray-polygon with every polygon that wasn't the character...and that was a few years ago now...

In Topic: Where to start

14 June 2011 - 05:35 PM

I started programming on a calculator, making games on my TI 83+....when i got on to the computer, i used VBA to make a very very simple game, with no internet to learn from, i used the references in the manual for VBA. Now, this is def NOT the way to go, but thats how i started the ball rolling. In grade 10 i was kicked out of high school programming class and placed in grade 12 advanced programming cause i had previous experience and i still past that with flying colors, thats where I learned C/C++....I've learned some more languages over the years, but my favorites are C/C++ and Java.

When it comes down to C++ game programming, I started with SDL. I would go back to it any day too! But if you want to really learn 3D, then I would find a simple opensource graphics library that uses OpenGL and take it apart and learn from the people who already did what you want to do. If you just want to program games, and you want to do it fast, then get a graphics engine. You got to weigh how much you want to do something, whats more important to you? Making games or making graphic engines? It's possible to do both, but in my experience, better aim for one. Think hard, and write the pros and cons of making your own engine, VS using another's. Since I wanted to make games more then remake the wheel, i chose to use another's engine.

The choice is yours, but think hard. And if you decide to make a graphic engine, Personally i say take an opensource engine apart and see how they do it! After you get the basics down first :P

In Topic: Knowledge requisition details

13 June 2011 - 11:00 PM

well you will need billboarding for the 2D sprites!
Hmm, this reminds me of Harvest Moon 64 layout, it's all 3D, but uses 2D sprites and what not, that was a really fun game actually :)