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Back from the dead, Wanna talk game?

24 August 2016 - 10:38 PM

It's been....I'm going to say around a year, since I've peeked on here. Forever since I actually posted a topic. 

So, for those who remember me: Yay! I'm back!

For those who know of nothing of me: Hi!


A little backstory: For ages, and I mean ages, I've been wanting to make a game, a space game more specifically, and for the most part I've done some little tech demos, nothing too much to show off. This has all changed.

For the last two months I've been working on a little something, that doesn't have a name yet, and it's at the stage to show it's little face. 


The Plan: A space building game  ^_^

Yes, I know, it's only one single wall/floor type with textures, I was a bit busy coding everything behind the scenes to make sure this little piece works  :P

I've been posting on Twitter and my own personal blog about the progression of this 'game' (it will be a game! Just right now it's lacking the primary gameplay elements, though my nephew thinks it's fun, even though it's just one panel!). Despite what most experienced people will tell me, I have created this from as low as I could go, taking the few shortcuts here and there. This is pure SDL + OpenGL + my code, cusses, and occasional wanna-throw-my-computer. This game primary purpose is to be a fun learning exercise, and also to make a game that satisfies my deepest desire of having a specific space building game that's also more than that!


So. If you read this far, congrats, if you just skipped to the bottom, then you suck  :P  but here's the summary:

I made a prototype! I've learned from past mistakes! Questions? Comments? Anything nice? Cookies would be nice  :rolleyes:

Question for Experts, especially for Beginners: Motivation, how NOT to lose it?

19 June 2014 - 05:11 PM

Okay, a big question to everyone who has produced a successful game (I'll let you decide what "successful" means).

How do you NOT lose Motivation?


Simple question, but I know the answer is probably complicated. I have learned many programming languages, many programmers go to me for help. But I actually have a problem staying motivated on a project!! So, for all you experts out there, how do you manage to keep your motivation, at least long enough to finished a half decent game?!


I'm sure I'm not the only programmer, beginner or not, who has a tough time staying motivated and on track making a game!


Looking forward to your answers, and I really hope this will help other programmers, beginners and not, to learn a good way to stay motivated!

Am I Doing this Backwards?

24 September 2013 - 03:15 PM

Okay, first off, I've been trying to make games for the past 5 years, if not longer, and it's plain to see, I'm doing something wrong! (that and not enough motivation)


Heres the rough steps I take when making a game, with reasons why I'm doing it; If someone has any suggestions, PLEASE do so.
1) Get a general Idea; Write a little bit about it (If I write too much about it, I abandon the game cause of the complexities)

2) Do some art which hopefully will make it thru to beta stage (Since I've Never had a good artist willing to help, I'm stuck making my own, so I make some "official" art so I know that I can make the rest easily enough)
3) Spend a few days looking at engines to pick the one I want (usually it's Irrlicht or Panda3D)
4) Start Programming

<--Then I stop due to lack of interest or I never make it this far because of art, theres a few times I get past this-->
5) Make some more assets and add them into the game

6) Program some more features

Repeat 5-6 until I get what I'm aiming for; I never get to 6 because the "more assets" are usually art that I find a hard time doing and no one else wants to do so it doesn't end up so well -.-'


Any hints of what I may be doing wrong? other than loosing interest or giving up too fast >.<

Artist Block!

01 July 2011 - 10:45 PM

Currently I'm trying to do my own artwork for my game, so far, it's looking like an airplane that just got nuked, while it was crashing to the ground, while it was on fire.
It's basically a mess! And every time i get some inspiration, it dies just as fast.
The biggest problem is that, my current artwork does not fit with the story line of the game!
Game needs 4 breeds of the same race of humanoid (right now i just have a ball with ball hands to test the game) Three of the four breeds are strong, (one is really strong cause all they do is work!) and, as you can see, a floating ball, with ball hands, doesn't look strong.
So, i need ideas or suggestions on how to get some inspiration; any ideas anyone??

Kid's Game, Ideas/Suggestions

12 June 2011 - 01:43 PM

Well, I am in production of a kid's game, and right now i'm bouncing ideas while programming...now I'm at the point where i have to stop bouncing ideas, find the best one and stick with it!
so now it comes down to a few choices, two actually.
Choice one: Characters are "super deformed" humans (I hope you all know what I mean, but JUST in case: Small bodies, Big heads, Big eyes) The game play elements are geared towards socializing, exploring, and finding cool stuff, or perhaps even making cool stuff.
Choice two: Characters are sphere-like, with ears or what not to indicate what "type" they are, same game play elements as choice two, but more aimed towards the exploring side then socializing.

so the actual dilemma: I KNOW I can do choice two, but I think kids would rather be a humanoid character, rather then a "sphereoid" character. So, should I try to make the humanoid? And if it works, make that game, if it doesn't, make the sphere characters, OR cut to the chase and make the sphere characters. If you don't wanna type a reply, just answer the Poll :) Thanks
Reason for poll: If enough people think I should do the humanoid characters, then I'll try to see if it'll work, otherwise I just send the humanoids to the trash and deal with little spheres.

Talking on the community chat and waiting for answers here, and the poll, has made me realize to go with the spherical characters, but if you wish, please continue answering the poll!