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19 November 2013 - 11:02 PM




Brokku is the home planet of Tahvinns. The planet was 1 year old before the Tahvinns appeared. It is originally believed that Brokku was created by one and unique God they call Vaa Nunn. The earliest known Tahiin life is recorded at -780SVNP(SiVaa Nunn Prrsta)(Before Vaan Nunn Returns). It is known that three other planets predate Brokku without counting what they call "Vaa Nunnsa kuun"(World of Vaa Nunn)


There is only one known continent on Brokku, this one is divided in three: SiVaa for the eastern part,Munnsa for the western and Mahvell the northern part. Between the SiVaa and Munnsa is Kuhnintaa(1) ocean. Most of Tahvinns live in this ocean, Brokku's underwater landscape offering perfect environmentfor them. Brokku have an impressive panel of climates, SiVaa is full of vegetation, a giant jungle, aridand dry, temperatures varying between 35 and 70°C (95 to 158°F), while Munnsa is terribly cold giant moutain, varying between -80°C and -42°C (-112 to -44°F). Mahvell is rocky and filled with valleys, rock building bridges above the water. The water is particularly cold: 2°C (35°F), but it is not a problem for Tahvinns. SiVaa is thin, more like a big Island, and Munnsa is a huge mountain of snow. The first city is built in the ocean between SiVaa and Munnsa.Brokku is really big, it covers 40x40 miles. 

1) (The Deep offering): It is the only ocean of Brokku. Munnsa has a large number of caves in the cold mountain of KiVaa.




Vaa Nunn, by his hands, drew the landscapes, and the Kuhnintaa. After creating animals, insects and greens, he formed the continent. At the end of his creation, he created the first Tahvinn before going back to his world. And in his generousness, he drew his words on a stone (Tahvinns' Bible), and gave to the first Tahvinn he named Ravinnse the ability to read the stone in order to learn about him and spread his words. Born in the water, Ravinnse survived with the help of god and created life, by his power, from the tree of life . 
The players' story begins in -730 as the one of the first Tahviin on Brokku.


Thanks a lot for the support you gave to us, we clearly need the community's help with a project like that. How to bring your help? 

  • First of all if you are interested in joining us as a developer, feel free to check out our job opportunities, we are looking for Programmers and other talents to work with us!
  • Then, and I think it has always been the best thing, you can simply talk about us all around the web, in your own country, your own language... Spread the word!
  • And finally, if your way of supporting us is to give money then you can definitely do that by clicking on the link bellow. And we thank you thousand times by advance...



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18 November 2013 - 05:46 PM



The team is growing again and again, we need more programmers!


Good news are coming really soon.

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01 November 2013 - 10:55 AM



We are right now actively looking for a Lead Programmer and Programmers.




Please contact us here: jobsgenesisstudio@gmail.com

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30 October 2013 - 04:46 PM

HeroEngine is a powerful, professional 3D MMORPG development engine. To give you an example of what we can do with it, let me tell you that Star Wars: The old republic was made with HeroEngine. 

There are a lot of reasons why we chose HeroEngine, and the first one is because of the way developing an online game works with that tool. First of all HeroEngine once you purchased it create and give you the access of a fully working server allowing you to create content straight to your game.

And for us the best quality of this engine is by far its collaborative world editing system. Indeed, HeroEngine propose an incredible system where every developer connect on the server and edit the world LIVE with you!
Thus every developer is creating its developer's character and can edit and play straight in the world they've created. Let me show you what we did in two days as a test for Genesis:


HeroEngine offers everything that we need to integrate all the functionality to our game! 

Let me leave you by saying that the team is growing everyday and that we are really excited to show you awesome stuff really soon. 

If you want to know a bit more every day, please join our new forum, don't be afraid!

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30 October 2013 - 04:43 PM


This game has the ambition of being commercialized. It is also the opportunity to show our passion and to create Genesis studio a professional game studio. Everything is now ready to start the development of the game itself and to enlarge the development team. A really ambitious project needs really talented people, that's why we are currently looking for really motivated people to join this big adventure.

Open jobs:
Concept Artist
3D Artist
3D Animator
Level Designer
FX Artist

Every job is paid with a percentage of the game's profits.

We truly believe that the community brings help and motivation the most. If you want to donate to help Genesis Studio then you can do that here: