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Well hello there. (I make a dramatic introduction with a camera zooming in and I slowly close the book looking at the camera.)  I am who I am.  (I take out a pen from a pocket somewhere and wave it around like a magic wand.)


I like computer engineering, but I do not like making integrated circuits.  I do have a grasp of digital logic and I do know K maps, next state tables, and annoying things that processor engineers can deal with.  I learned a few programming languages but I have no bible.  I lost it all in a divorce and foreclosure (I am straight by the way).  So what to talk about.  Hmmmph.  I am an American that does not have sickle cell anemia or diabetes.  I tan quite well in the sun.  I am a bit of an adventurer but I am not an entrepreneur.  My travels have led me to places where I had to actually began thinking how old I was doing the stuff I did.  Small kids get black belts and shoot down steep slopes without skis.  That is how it goes with the youth.  They know things that I did not know at the age of maybe eight years old.  I am not a father, but a provider to myself.  Yeah I guess I can say that.  I never thought of it but I think there is actually people that do things for money with this stuff.  I just absorb it like a mushroom if I like it.  I do not want to rant on and on about the love of computer application developing like a stereotypical Frenchman would carrying a bottle of red wine at their kitchen table and telling tales of romance of the concept.  Okay well, I have to express it a little.  Some people think of it as a Masonic concept, computer programming that is.  I think of it as a monolithic concept.  One idea, one thing of concept and build from that.  I remember computer programming books for the old eight bit computers to make utilities for the home.  Such as an address book or a little 45 record inventory tracking program.  I remember that.  I also remember references such as Compute! and books written by Abacus Software where hobbists could hand code in their work and let it run.  Those were the eigth bit days.  I would not call those primative machines dead but vintage.  I am sure that someone can recreate the Apple IIe if they had the blue prints and it may be the size of a deck of cards now.  

What did I create in computer game development?

Nothing of functionality yet.  I attended college from the year 1999 and I just followed the trends like a conventioneer.  I must have a lame brain or something because I never made anything concete all those years of toiling in computer code.  I say whatever.  I never wanted to learn the trade for profit.  I just wanted to know what was going on.  Will I ever flip a bill with what I know?  I do not think so because there are people that major in computer science or engineering that probably already made ten versions of the idea that I have.  I am not tied into college studies to yield credit.  Yes, I think college will accept your hobby work as work experience if it is documented properly.  I recommend just discussing that your college representative. 

General Studies associate of science. 2003

Take three biology courses and some social science classes.  A heavy amount of mathematics (because I loved to dunce) to Calculus II.  Some programming classes from a university and also a mint of an experience.  I had a big learning resistance with Trig in college.  It was not because I had any bibicial jeebies but it was the load of formulas that I had to remember.  I know people in England are geniuses with the math.  They have Newton there somewhere in a crypt or pushing up peanuts in a field.  I do not know.  I never took discrete math which I think I really do not need to know because it is just sets and calculations right?  It has been a while since I had any formal college instruction.  I was not really into girls gone wild either and I hate college organizations and ferternities.  I cannot say why except I believe they have their own obligations.



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