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#5029715 Experience without a degree

Posted by Adam Spade on 07 February 2013 - 07:59 AM

You do not "have" to have a degree. With or without a degree you will have to network and or apply for jobs. Work experience and skill is most definitely important. If you don't have the work experience, a company will most definitely want you to show them papers.

Also depends on who you are applying too. Are you applying to EA or a company of less than 30 persons? Even so, it depends on the hiring managers level of control.

I'd hire experience over a know-it-all college brat any day. When you interview, show them why you are better than all those college brats they just interviewed. Don't lose hope and be discouraged. Have a strategy and get your butt out there.

Equal opportunity employer? May the best man win.

#4997831 Non Disclosure Agreement

Posted by Adam Spade on 05 November 2012 - 08:13 PM

Personally, I wouldn't have even sent it back to you.

I won't do business with someone who refuses to give me their address. Plain and simple. It's nothing personal. But I have an obligation as Executive Producer to ensure that the work of my team is not stolen. But you need to be informed as to the reason for this. I would try to explain the reason over the phone so that you could understand before I even sent you the NDA. It's obvious to me that he didn't do a good job at this. He mailed it a 2nd time before I would have mailed it the first. lol

Though we are creating games, which is fun, this is still a business. You have to be willing to do business if you plan to start working with any professional studio. The NDA is for your protection too. And yes, an address ensures that you ARE the person that matches the name. So, it is needed.