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/*-:-:-:*/ cout << "Konnichiwa!" << endl; /*:-:-:-*/

First of all, I love you. You are most likely a human being reading this(otherwise most likely a robot or alien, which hey, I still love you!), which means you probably have the ability to program. Let's dream big here for a while... what could be accomplished with programming and the necessary resources. You're given hefty long-battery-life laptop - rugged, waterproof, shock-proof, etc - and it's equipped with high-speed satellite internet, and mounted with an equally-rugged solar panel. It's just as powerful as a modern desktop. You're then willingly stuck out in the middle of nature, far from human life - let's say a rain-forest. What are you capable of doing with programming?

  • Shelter and Survival: This part is probably your most likely chance to die in any case. You search for a clearing, and there you have the entire internet at your disposal. First you get all the immediately-important basics, and slowly work your way up. Once you get a simple shelter up, you begin downloading and saving a plethora of survival information onto your hard drive while you continue to learn. During your downloads you learn a bit more about your specific rain-forest environment, and what to watch out for, and then scout out a decent water source. After learning you can survive much longer without food as long as you have water, you look into even more shelter-construction. You spend the next half of your day improving your shelter with somewhat of an enclosing, and a roof made of sticks and big leaves, bound by vine and strips of green wood. You've also made somewhat of an awning from the side that covers a nice little fire-pit which you've used to practice making a fire. Earlier you broken a rock with another rock, to make it sharp which you used to make some of your shelter's wood mesh better, and also a very simple sharpened stick just in case. You've been extremely careful about insects and other pests, but come on.. they freak you out... especially the idea of sleeping with them. It's almost dark now, and after some research, you realize you can cover yourself in mud to help prevent. You also learned earlier during your shelter design that you could use a fire to smoke out the shelter, which is why you made the awning in the first place. After making another fire - somewhat easier than the first time due to some drier wood from the last fire's heat - you angle the awning a bit so the smoke flows into your shelter

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