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# games released as of yet?

18 October 2013 - 09:09 PM

Hey guys. I have no idea which forum is best suited for this question, so I'll ask here.


Does any of you know, or know where to look for information about, how many game titles have been released since the industry's day 1 of 1st Generation? Or whatever other benchmark is realistic to start from? I got a feeling I need to get this info the hard way, and it might even be impossible to get an exact number. But fingers crossed, and I only need to get an estimate (albeit as accurate as possible).


I'd like to figure this out, because I think the knowledge could help me design better games or similar, but I'll have to figure that out once I've seen how far I can get into the rabbit's hole. It's just a personal project of mine, although I might share the information online later, as a hypothesis (or several), or just pure data.


Thanks in advance.

"built-in loop" question

13 October 2013 - 08:53 AM

Edit: Questions done, thanks for the answers.



Hey guys, I'm planning on some day making a video series on Youtube, where I talk about certain game programming things. Without revealing too much, I'd like to ask you guys a couple of questions now and then, in order to be as accurate with the given topic as possible. I'm self-taught, so there might be some conventional details that I've overlooked.



So here's my first couple of questions:


1. What do you call the default process that automatically loops through the code and updates, whenever the program is ran? You know, the one where the computer tries to look for the Main function and run that, over and over again? Does it have an actual name, or is it fine to just call it a "built-in loop"?

Answered in thread.


2. Do all programming languages have a main function/method that the computer will look for and try to run? (I'm thinking it's a necessity, but please correct me if wrong)

Answered by Wikipedia.org


3. Do all programming languages (today) cause the computer to loop infinitely through the code by default, unless you control it to do otherwise?

Answered in thread.

Unit Testing ftw?

10 October 2013 - 08:30 AM

Hey peeps, I thought I'd ask your opinions about this video, where the presenter talks about deeper testing methodology and specifically about unit testing. I think this is fundamentally going to improve my programming routines, and maybe it will help you as well, even if you're a semi-seasoned programmer:


Feel free to give some feedback and perhaps critique. It'd be nice to see some different perspectives on unit testing versus overall systems testing.

Tips on Learning Pixel Art?

25 August 2013 - 05:40 PM

    Hey guys, as a would-be indie developer I've been looking into pixel art and trying to learn how to draw it properly. Now I've already found something interesting here, but I thought I'd ask if any of you could give some awesome advice as to where I should be homing in my research missile?


    Thanks in advance.




Edit: lol one of us should definitely make a game where you literally fire a missile at an enemy to acquire information. happy.png

Reading Binary: L-to-R or R-to-L?

20 August 2013 - 12:40 AM

    Probably a trivial question, but here goes:


    I've got a family member with a background in telecommunications and IT. One day, when I wrote binary code right-to-left, he corrected me and insisted that binary is to be written from left-to-right, stating that the LSD (Least Significant Digit) is the first one from left. But I just don't get it. Every website I've ever been to, including several articles, Wikipedia.org and a number of youtube videos, all state that binary is to be read/written from right-to-left.


    As such, my stance is that the example number "5" is to be written as "00000101" and not as "10100000". His stance is opposite. Now, I'm pretty certain that I'm right about this, because I've seen it demonstrated from several sources and that he's simply wrong for whatever reason. But he does have a much stronger background than myself. So I'm thinking that there must be some reason that he insists the way he does?


    Immediately, I'm thinking that he's right about the machine reading it all from left-to-right. But who cares about the machine, no offence to HAL9000 - we humans write and count the binary code from right-to-left (just like the decimal system).


    Could anyone here please clarify this once and for all? When does binary read from right-to-left, and when does it read from left-to-right?!! Thanks in advance.