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Jcam Engine 2 Development > New (and better) Video for IndieGoGo

Posted 02 May 2013

What happens when you give a concept artist/designer a camera? This happens!http://youtu.be/qBE9b5WO1EA http://igg.me/at/timemachine/x/2799923

Jcam Engine 2 Development > New programmer on board!

Posted 11 April 2013

Mizan has just joined the team! He is quite the addition, since Jcam Technologies has never had a programmer other than myself! I am glad to have him around, and we welcome him with the same warmth that we welcome all other members. Welcome, Mizan, to Jcam Technologies. This also means that Jcam Engine 2 will speed up development. We already have begun in...

Jcam Engine 2 Development > New video on Indiegogo!

Posted 09 April 2013

We just finished rendering the video for our Indiegogo!http://youtu.be/Ksp4C1mU2qw

Jcam Engine 2 Development > Development has started!

Posted 08 April 2013

Development has Started!   Jcam Engine 2 is going to be an engine designed to be cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, possible console support) and able to turn out any detail level you throw at it with ease.So far, the features we have currently implemented are:Bullet physicsOpenGL 2.1Built in terrain generatorFirst Person camera control Features to be a...