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2D C++ Framework for Mobile and PC (free, open source)

06 March 2013 - 04:54 AM

Hi, I'm author of Oxygine.

Oxygine is 2D C++ Framework.

It could be build on top of the SDL2.0 or Marmalade.

It is free and available under MIT license.


Site: http://oxygine.org

Twitter: @oxygine2d

Public Skype group: http://oxygine.org/in/skype_redirect.php




You would find examples, demos and other helpful information


Key features:

  • Clear C++ API
  • OpenGL(ES)2 rendering
  • SceneGraph and Event Handling model close to ActionScript3/Flash
  • Tweenings
  • Build for HTML5 and WebGL using Emscripten




Code examples:

//create sprite and display it
spSprite sprite = new Sprite();

//run spritesheet animation
sprite->addTween(TweenAnim(gameResources.getResAnim("anim2")), duration, loops));

//run position tweening
sprite->addTween(Sprite::TweenPosition(x, y), duration, loops));

//handle events
sprite->addEventListener(TouchEvent::CLICK, CLOSURE(this, &someClass::onClick));

//c++11 labmda event handler
sprite->addEventListener(TouchEvent::CLICK, [](Event*){ 

Some interesting movies about Oxygine: