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Mippy's Beehive > Highway Toad

Posted 29 November 2013

This months main hobby-project was to make a Frogger clone. I did not manage to finish it, but since the project was the project and not the game, I concider it finished.
Link to the game : http://www.mip-map.se/hwtoad
Link to a summary of the lessons learned : http://mip-map.se/project/2013/november/

Mippy's Beehive > HTML5 and game development - my bookmarks

Posted 24 November 2013

This post is a collection of links to posts and statistics about Web/HTML5 as a gaming platform.
I have been using web technologies for a couple of years as a platform to experiment with programming. I also have an interest in game development, which made it natural for me to begin developing games in HTML5. When I started I was pretty enthusiastic, but...

Mippy's Beehive > Highway Tennis - development story

Posted 30 October 2013

In this entry I will discuss my experience of making a tennis game for the PUTT contest.

The whole project was written in JavaScript as a web application. Mainly because I have worked with web technologies before, but also because I wanted to see what I could do with it. The architecture was to have a global Game() object that contained a...

Mippy's Beehive > Pong field notes

Posted 27 October 2013

I visited this exhibition about games in Stockholm this weekend. Apart from beer and fellow gamers they had the original Pong game. Of course, you were not allowed to play the actual game, it was too much of a rarity.

Instead, they had mounted a replica of the control panel and had the game projected on the wall next to it. Here are some comments about m...

Mippy's Beehive > Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a game analysis tool

Posted 23 October 2013

Public Draft

In this entry I will argue that Geographic Information Systems can be useful in game development. I'm a hobbyist game developer and hobbyist GIS hacker. Please take my opinions with a grain of salt.

What is a Geographic Information System (GIS)?
A GIS consists of a database that supports spatiotemporal data and some form of interf...