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Starting on mechanics or world design?

12 May 2013 - 04:43 PM

Greetings developers, designers, and artists! I wish for your advice and opinion on a matter at my hands which distracts and dissorients me from organizing efficiently a concept i hope to develop. The problem comes in with the priority of tasks and areas of work which need to be tackled first, i seem to get lost and demotivated because of it. I am planning and laying out the GDD for a sidescrolling adventure revolving around a town reconstruction mechanic (you must help a devastated town regain its state, helping out with simple collect quests and exploring the different areas of the map). I'm aiming for it to be more of a story and atmosphere experience rather than the gameplay being complex and heavy. I am wondering which is the most effective way to get this type of project running in terms of programing, is it convenient to prototype the questing/reconstruction mechanics and build on top of that or is it better to construct the setting in which the events take place and develop the questing system once there is atmosphere and visual referance? I feel lost in this aspect and would appreciate all advice from fellow developers and designers, thanks in advance!