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In Topic: Beginner wanting to learn how to program CCG

13 May 2013 - 08:42 PM

I just searched about HTML5 and JavaScript, and it looks cool to learn.  It has good tutorials.


The reason I'm learning flash is because it is user-friendly and the canvas (I don't know what to call it; the one where you draw or put pictures onto) is already there.  It's like you just put the pictures there in the canvas then you add code to make that picture do what you want.


However, I wont mind to learn from scratch if it is what I have to learn.  So, if you think the game that inspired me to learn (Tyrant, a ccg online browser game) could have been made by using HTML5 and JavaScript, then I'll gladly learn those.


Thank you so much.  I hope to make a good and similar game like his.