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How to balance freedom of expression & abuse in games?

22 May 2013 - 03:16 AM

Hello everybody!
I'm struggling for days now with a design issue, maybe you can help?
I'm trying to build a Q&A game, in which people can type freely their answers (instead of choosing from predefined answers). The problem is that giving freedom to type can open possibilities for abusing the system (i.e for the question "what's your favorite movie?" someone can answer "I love cock").
I came up with these solutions, but they don't feel right:
- use report / block button
- rating features
- use auto-completion to help steer the answers
- use algorithm that prevents the use of "bad words"
- focus on asking interesting questions, so people won't get board and consider abusing
- having random players play with their Facebook profile name revealed
- or just do the most engaging game, and trust people smile.png
Can you think of design elements/ features/ psychological elements that can lower / eliminate this issue of abuse without damaging the freedom of expression?
For me, It would be great if the abuse level will be like in Draw Something, but it will be a disaster if it will look like Chat Roulette" smile.png
Any thoughts or directions will help a lot.
Thanks a lot!