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#5106487 Browser games magic

Posted by mfdesigner on 02 November 2013 - 11:51 AM

Perhaps you can try our cloud-based HTML5 game engine. It uses only web technologies and run in the browser.

It follows a top-down object-oriented design.  Basically, it means you can visually (drag and drop) to wrap any

lower level codes and media assets into reusable and shareable components.  Once published to our store, 

others can build apps from your components.


It took me only a few minutes to create these scenes:


Pandora's Box   

Vandalize David 


We are currently working on a new technology called the "blueprint game generator".  Blueprint is an XML file that directs and guides 

users' components to work together to form a game.  Any user can create and share blueprints using Blueprint Composer.  Our code generator will be able to create the

finished products from user-submitted blueprints (e.g. by dynamically pulling required game resources from our repository.)

#5106439 Beginning

Posted by mfdesigner on 02 November 2013 - 08:54 AM

We are working on a new cloud-based technology called "blueprint game generator" which will dynamically pull game resources from our repository and generate HTML5 games.

When that day comes,  even a blind-folded monkey pounding on a tablet would generate interesting games.  This is possible because our object-oriented framework allows users to publish and share game assets, codes (game rules and AI), and blueprints (which are xml files that direct and guide all these objects to work together to form games.)   All that monkey need do is to push a big red button to start the code generator which will build the final product based on the 'blueprints'.