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A Hello And A Qusetion that may have been asked

04 July 2013 - 11:38 AM

    Hello GameDev.net I'm OMG_Crackers.tongue.png  I am a new Member but Have a Great understanding of Programminghappy.png  but no Great knowledge on programming Languagesunsure.png . so Bare with me when I ask and don't give the lazy answer I always get. Ex: "Here's where u learn If Statements methods and Variables. and these Charters || && =="angry.png (Java lol again no good knowledge on programming Languages). so now we hopefully on the same page I would like to know where I can find how to make a game engine with 3D (X,Y,Z) with the game style MMOFPS/MMORPG/Racing. With physics and all and I might need intermediate info along side but no this is how you make methods lol. also a good languages to use for my game idea. I would tell you guys what it is but I want to be the first to make a game in this style lol.tongue.png  so just to make it simple without all the unknown details. *I need a good programming Language for 3D MMOFPS/MMORPG and destruction/ Physics.*


    just to help I know java, DBC (I know it is Basic), and a little VB 2003 .net and I understand coding a lot better then some people.wink.png