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War for the Overworld, story of a successor

03 April 2015 - 03:14 AM

War for the Overworld, the successor of the Dungeon Keeper franchise was released yesterday. And as a fan of the first iteration of the game (I first played it on my windows 95, long, long time ago. And I still play it from time to time. Awesome game.) I was really waiting for this game, hoping it will become a game worthy of its legacy.

And for the moment, even if it's released, it stil feel like it is not complete yet. Clumsy controls, graphism not really polished, etc... I have the impression that the game is missing something. Or maybe it is just the nostalgia speaking?

But the development of this game is kind of a beautiful story. Made by passionnate people who try to be as close as possible from the essence of Dungeon Keeper, they got the blessing of the original creator Peter Molyneux, and EA said that they will not bother them with legal issue.

Did you play the first Dungeon Keeper? Did you play War for the Overworld? What did you think of it?

Visual Novel Mechanics in Unreal Engine

03 April 2015 - 02:34 AM


For training purpose I'm working on a visual novel using Unreal Engine 4 and C++ and I would ask your advices regarding my architecture choice.

A quick reminder about visual novel : A visual novel is a text based game in which the player action are limited to some choice which can influence the story. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visual_novel)


I plan to use a system based on event. What I call an event is :

- Displaying a text
- Changing a sprite
- Changing a sprite location
- Changing background
- etc...

Here are the main points :

- The player play the next event by clicking/pushing the action button

- All the events are stored in order in a list and the player go through this list one by one.

- An event may require special condition (the player made a certain choice during a precedent event), and if the condition are not met, this event will not play and the next one will be played instead.

- An event can be played automaticaly without the player intervention (multiple sprite appearing at the same time)


What do you think of this system? Is there other better way to proceed?

Note : If you want to do a visual novel I recommend Ren'Py, one of the most used visual novel editor out there. I'm using Unreal engine only because I want to use it, not because it's the best fit ^^
Another Note : I don't plan to make the next super-succesful visual novel engine, nor the next even more super-succesful visual novel, I'm doing it it's just by curiosity and for training purpose.

Experience with working in Japan

28 July 2014 - 06:40 AM


I will soon finish my studies and enter for real (meaning not as an intern) in the game industry. One of my long time dream is to go work in Japan for a few years. I read articles about how working in Japan was hard, or that "once a stranger, always a stranger" is particulary true, or that speaking japanese is a pre-requisite to find a job, etc... But I would like to have your experiences, advices, or anything you would like to share :D


[Looking for feedback] RPG combat system

24 July 2014 - 01:54 PM

Hello all,

I'm currently creating a game and I have trouble about the combat system. I made a google presentation, exposing what is my game, and some gameplay mechanics. You can find it here. Edit : (If you want to go directly to the second version, go there)

In this presentation you won't find other mechanics than the combat related one. The reason is that of this part I am the most unsure, and it is also one of the main feature of the game.

That's why I'll appreciate any feedback, thoughts, remark or advice with a glad ear.

I also would like to know what you think about this format of presentation, is it clear enough? Or is a plain text documentation better?

There should be enough informations on these slides to understand the mechanics, but if you have any question, or you want to know more, don’t hesitate to contact me (on this post, or by pm)

Thanks a lot,


Trend : the return of tactical RPG game

07 February 2014 - 06:03 AM

"Is it just me or I see more and more tactical RPG game?"

I have the impression of seeing more and more tactical rpg project especially on website like Gamedev.net or IndieDB. Some years ago I don't remember seeing as much tactical around. Is this genre coming back? Or has it never disappeared?

Want to share some thought about it?