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Spark Rising - Behind the Scenes

13 January 2015 - 06:13 PM

Hey all,


Check out the latest updates on Spark Rising! A build + battle FPS sandbox game that is out now on Steam Early Access!




Also, I recently started vlogging on YouTube sharing what my life is like as a game dev. I try not to get too technical and ultra geekified, and focus more on the impact making games has on my life, with a few vids about the games I'm working on, and some things I learn along the way. It's a mix of a creative outlet, just goofing around, and I hope some helpful insight as well to others.




If you have any thoughts or requests or even questions, shoot. Happy to share my experiences!

Wicked Loot - Behind the Scenes of an Indie Dev

15 September 2014 - 07:35 PM

Hey all, so we're an indie dev working on a sandbox game called Spark Rising. Our game was successfully Kickstarted, Greenlit, and then showcased at GDC. Now it's live via early access on Steam!
One thing we wanted to do was showcase more of what life is like as an indie game dev. So we started up our YouTube channel showing you vids of what we're working on, as well as sharing with you things we learned along the way, as well as how games has impacted our lives.


So enjoy! If you find these useful, we'll make more:)

Spark Rising - A Build + Battle Sandbox Game

12 April 2014 - 05:39 PM

So I guess I didn't update my previous thread often enough... and it was sunset! So here's to a new thread!




As an FYI - Spark Rising is an action conquest game. Or as we describe it: A build + battle sandbox game. You build things like Minecraft and then set things into big battles, creating your own battle scenarios. The game is current in pre-alpha and we're planning an early access release on Steam next month! It's been one harrowing journey as we went from Kickstarter, to being Greenlit on Steam, to being showcased at GDC. It's now about to reach public hands... hope yall like it!


Wanted to share our latest demo level, something we dub Gaiden 3: Titan Rising! If you see the screenshot sample below, you'll see what we can mean by "titan". It's a prototype boss we're playing with.
This demo is limited to one level, and you can't build anything. But it does give you a sense of how a battle scenario unfolds. All of this was created in-game, similar to how you would build something in Minecraft. Except that the purpose to build is ultimately to destroy:) And I should note, this is a pre-alpha build, so everything is very raw still.
As a refresher, our gaidens are one off demos we create as a way to testing new features in a contained experience. Based on feedback, some of the features may make it into the game, others won't. It's an interesting approach to just constantly releasing one update after another because it forces us to create a complete gameplay loop that someone can test. Even if the gameplay loop is very simple, we try to make sure along that path people can complete it. It also forces us to fix bugs early on, and avoid feature creep development which can result in a lot of features we gotta test at once, making it harder to discern what works and what doesn't, and how to fix it.
I can't say for sure whether this novel approach works just yet as we only been doing it several months. Ongoing, we're likely shifting towards a Kanban approach to agile development which suggests our sprint-like approach to making a Gaiden may get phased out.
If you want to download our previous Gaidens you can do it here, which we eventually shared publicly.

Spark Rising - A Build & Battle Sandbox Game - On Kickstarter

06 October 2013 - 11:29 AM


Spark Rising, a build + battle strategy infused action game is now live on Kickstarter! Check it out!


Spark Rising is a game that deftly blends action and strategy in a sandbox world where you can build fantastical fortresses, creatures, and more. From there you set your creations into battle, which draws inspiration from the memorable battle scenes from Battlefront campaign mode as you defend fortresses, attack others, and conquer the galaxy. 











Spark Rising - A Build & Battle Sandbox Game

14 September 2013 - 11:02 PM



Spark Rising now on Steam Greenlight!







Spark Rising hit its Kickstarter goal!






Spark Rising is a build + battle sandbox game from the creative minds at Wicked Loot. You build. You battle. You can share your creations with others, or just conquer them.


With our voxel game engine, you can build amazing environments, massive fortresses, vehicles, and all sorts of creatures. Lay down cube after cube to build exactly what you want, or place whole structures at once. We make it easy to build, enhance, and customize your creations.




Take your creations and then fight back against an invasion as you conquer and defend flying fortresses. It could be aliens that use strategy to weaken you. Or it could highly coordinated squadrons of mechs. Or rampaging dinos. Or swarming zombies. The game puts you into the heart of the action, via 3rd person perspective, as you pew pew pew against cubes cubes cubes. But you aren’t along in your battle. Build and upgrade turrets, barricades, traps, and your troops. Fight back via long range attacks or jump into the thick of battle with melee.




And just when you think the story mode is over, the game opens up and you can create and share your creations with our wicked modding platform. Or if you are the war faring kind, just conquer everyone across the galaxy. Where this game goes depends on how far you take it.




Game Stats:

  • Genre: Sandbox Action Strategy, 3rd Person Perspective
  • Theme: Sci Fi
  • Platforms: PC, Mac
  • Launch Date: Q2 2014
  • Game Engine: Voxel + Unity 3D

Current features announced:

  • Beautiful voxel based game engine allows you to build and battle right in the game
  • Build unique environments, fortresses, vehicles and creatures
  • In story mode, there are multiple fortresses to defend, each requiring a different strategy
  • Over a dozen type of enemies to fend off from mech units to giant spaceships to bio creatures that roam the wild
  • Jump into different exo-suits to power up in battle as you fight in the thick if it with melee attacks, or snipe from rooftops based on your exo-suit class
  • Command a small platoon of troops to help fend off the alien invasion
  • Place defenses like turrets, traps and barricades
  • Upgrade your exo-suits, weapons, structures and defenses to fend of increasingly more powerful enemies
  • Create and customize all sorts of cool things like fortresses, vehicles and characters with our Wicked Creator Mode
  • Share your creations with others, and earn real rewards if people love what you create