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Designing a Skill Tree for a Sci-Fi space game

04 October 2013 - 01:20 AM

Good day everyone.


I am designing a skill tree for our game VoidExpanse, it a game where you as a pilot can fly around in an open world space, buy new ships and equipment and advance your character. Well, it is a bit oversimplifying things but oh, well.


Anyway, it turned out to be WAY harder than I first though. So far I have outlined all possible passive skill effects we can have in the game and now I need to make it into a coherent tree with different paths that are meaningful.


So far the rules:

* Only passive skills, as "fireball", "exploding arrow" or "bone shield" type of skills would not make much sense in the space setting because your ship can't magically start shooting plasma cannons just because you learned that skill. So I decided to only have two types of skills: passive that adds stats or % to stats, and the skills that allow the player to use something, for example bigger ship hulls of specific equipment.

* So far I am thinking of creating 4 pages of skills: piloting, combat, engineering and other, each of these will have a separate tree that would branch into specific areas.

* I don't want to create linear logical progression such as speed -> acceleration -> deceleration -> maneuvering or similar, because it is just too boring, contrary I want to create a tree that might seem very random at first where completely different effects are grouped together in different paths, but in the end it should produce smart character builds and take some time for players to figure out which paths they want to pursue.

* Ideology of "broad to specialized". I want top of the tree to be generic but then branch more and more into specific areas since we do not have separate trees for different character classes, thus having to rely on the trees itself to provide specialization for players.


So far I looked through skill trees in some games, for example EVE online, their skill tree is insanely huge in its scope and I like it, but this doesn't seem right for what we are doing. Another natural example is diablo 2, which is more like what we want to do. And of course Path of exile, also a great example of skill tree design.


Anyway, the reason for creating this topic if possibly to get some ideas from you guys smile.png

There are a lot of materials and ideas for classical RPGs design, but not a whole lot for sci-fi and specially space games.

VoidExpanse - Open World, Top Down, Space RPG

19 August 2013 - 04:15 AM


open world (sandbox), top down, space, RPG, exploration


Menu, super early WIP.
Inventory, super early WIP.
Planet, WIP.

About the game:
VoidExpanse is our first project – a space themed open world top down action RPG. The player takes the role of a spaceship pilot, and may explore vast expanses of space, engage in space combat and military missions, trade with NPC and space stations, mine asteroids, undertake various types of quests and generally do whatever he wants as the game is completely open ended. It doesn’t mean, though, that there is no story, on the contrary, we believe that without a great story all this openness wouldn’t be worth anything as there will be nothing driving you to devote yourself to explore the game world.

1) VoidExpanse is being built on top of our custom scripting interface allowing us and any player to extend the game indefinitely with any new features and content or completely redefine how some systems work within the game. That also enables anyone to create a completely new game with this engine.
2) The game will be multiplayer enabled from the day one. In fact even single player is played with the server being silently run behind the scenes on your PC. This multiplayer ability enables everyone to create their custom servers with any custom mods installed.
3) We want is to basically enable anyone to have his own small “MMORPG” with a community of followers. But just to make it clear, it is not a MMO title, it is a single player game but which you can also play in multiplayer. Much like MineCraft.
4) We are using Unity as our engine.
5) The game will be available not only on Windows, but also eventually on Linux and OSX.

The team:
Five dudes from Europe smile.png

So far a lot has been done already, but we are nowhere near releasing any demos or videos. Still, I would like to make people know about our project to get some extra motivation to our programmers smile.png

Our site with some extra info + blog