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#5090338 What type of Language that i should learn, for a real new beginner?

Posted by Jimstyle on 30 August 2013 - 03:31 AM

Dear Zeus and gods, 


I am a brand new beginner to programming which have zero knowledge, and lately i have start a new topic to asking how should i start. Please refer to http://www.gamedev.net/topic/647165-how-to-develop-a-very-basic-game-i-dont-have-any-programming-knowledge-and-background/page-2#entry5090336. I receive lot's and lot's of comment and advice, and i really appreciate it, but when i want to real start, suddenly i feel stuck.


There is so many programming language out there, which one that i should learn first, as a beginner? When i go to CS50, they taught C, but i go to Coursera, i found a course taught Python, and i do believe there is lots of people out there teaching different language. So, here comes the question, 



As a beginner, which language that i should learn first?


Thank You,


#5089782 How to develop a very basic game? I don't have any programming knowledge...

Posted by Jimstyle on 28 August 2013 - 04:39 AM

Dear SuperHero! 


Noted with thanks, I will look in to in soon. 


Fact i have a goal in my mind. I would like to end with a Entertainment Company, come with 3 main department which develop online game (like WOW) , mobile game (something like Angry Bird or Candy Crush) and also mobile apps which targeted social media, business and finance. 


Btw, it just an imagination. Too big to achieve. 



Follow the threads at gamedev.net ... by other beginners and in the general programming and game programming forums.

You'll notice that some topics come up a lot ... those are usually things you might want to look into. Take a look at the questions that other people have and ask yourself if you need to know the same thing.

You don't "just" want to learn how to program, you also want an overview of the big picture to get an idea of what areas there are that you need to look into.


There are also a lot of tutorials about getting started in game development. Maybe do a google search and read the "New to the forums? Start here!" thread:



and resources like this one:



Something else: summarize your dreams and goals.

Do you want to work for a huge studio?

Do you want to make a fortune with an app?

Do you want to start a team at some point?

What platforms do you want to develop for?


When you ask for more specific advice later those things can make a difference.

#5089777 How to develop a very basic game? I don't have any programming knowledge...

Posted by Jimstyle on 28 August 2013 - 04:15 AM

Dear Guardian of the Earth, 



Thank you for your comment and contribution! And yeah, i appreciate it! I have download a software named '' RPG Maker VX ACE''. What you think about this software? 



I don't think you can make it without any programming knowledge at all. I mean yeah, you have to understand basic elements to be able to write program by means of simple scripting language like Python.


There is like tons of programming courses over the web. If you are not familiar with programming at all I would recommend you Harvard's CS50 course. Make sure to watch all lectures, shorts, problem set explanations and all other videos. You can follow this program and make a simple games as a part of problem sets and final project. Sure you won't have any teachers responses, but if you need that you can absolutely schedule yourself onto next CS50 free course online which comes this january 1st 2014.


With this knowledge you will be able to write your first simple games, dive into 3rd party game development tools or just create your own.

#5089748 How to develop a very basic game? I don't have any programming knowledge...

Posted by Jimstyle on 28 August 2013 - 01:56 AM

Dear superhero, 


I like game a lot, and i some how i believe i have plenty of idea in my mind and i wish i can create my very own first game, even very basic game will do. 


I have no programming background at all, which mean, i know nothing about those code and language. But i willing to learn..


So, here come the question, where so i start? What should i learn first? I have no fund to college or Uni to study, all i can do is learn from web.


Please advice. 



Weak Civilian from Earth.