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In Topic: Some Queries about game dev?

20 September 2013 - 07:49 AM

Another Question:



What is the different between SDK,IDE,Engine and(I'm not sure) etc ??



In a few weeks time it would be a long 2-3 months school holiday for me...So instead of enjoying and playing throughout the months,I actually wanna learn and experience something new....


Thanks for answering!



EDIT: Is UDK,Unreal Engine,Unity or Cry Engine better? An engine that supports multiplayer online,joining a server and stuff? I want to make something in my freetime like a surviving game,a sandbox game(maybe),where you can craft and place doors,and stuff..of a broken building or such...



Don't know about modelling designing,are they included in the sdk/engines?(I guess not,so do we attach the images and stuff(sound effects,etc) ??

The 3D modelling/animation,can I create them using seperate softwares( I learnt 3Dsmax)..





Thanks!(sorry for these 'silly' questions)

In Topic: Some Queries about game dev?

10 September 2013 - 09:27 PM

Thanks all.I appreciate your works and information.


Thank you! 

In Topic: Some Queries about game dev?

10 September 2013 - 06:09 AM

There is often alot of programming code which two completely different games may have in common: both carmageddon and tetris need to be able to draw things on screen, play sound, receive input from the user, etc.


Because game companies don't want to spend development time on making these systems every single time they start a new project this code is reused.

We call it an engine because it is the code that "makes the game run" - It's actually just programming code like the rest of the game.

Because it takes alot of time and effort to make an engine there are companies that specialize in their development, other companies then use their code to run their game. 


A library is a similar collection of programming code which you can "attach" to your project. The directX library is a collection of code which 'talks' to the graphics card for you - it is possible to talk to the graphics card without this library but it would be much more difficult than just saying to directx "draw this for me".

It's far easier to just use the code somebody else has already written (this is what programmers mean when they say "don't reinvent the wheel").


Think of it like this:

You're making your own car.

The body of the car is your game: you can make it look like a blue volkswagen, a green porche, anything you like.

The thing that makes the car move is the engine (hence the term) - you can make your own engine but it probably won't run as well as one you buy from the garage.

You can make your car with engine X or engine Y, that's up to you. The body of the car will look the same - it might not be as fast though.


The library would be something like new CD player you install in the car, just a little piece of programming which is ready made for you.

You don't need to know how a CD is played - all you need to do is insert the disk and press play.


Relevant link: http://www.extremetech.com/computing/50938-game-engine-anatomy-101-part-i



Thank you!


May I also know the list of components to make a game? Do you happen to have a link to a thread of such?


Like Development Kit and stuff?


EDIT: Reply to your new edit



Thanks,it is very easy to be understood!


Thanks again!

In Topic: Sandbox Games like Minecraft?

08 September 2013 - 09:09 PM

Thank you all above posts ^^


I know C++,since I do my own projects(together with D3D).


I'm just thinking of creating a game,like a 'hobby',during my free time.


Once again,thank you for the very informative replies,it is much appreciated!