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Lactose's 1 month project > Taking stock (and chewing bubble gum)

Posted 26 May 2017

...and I'm all out of bubble gum.Last time I said my plan was to fix a few things, then take stock and see where I'm at -- hence, this journal entry.I fixed the visual issue I had on the button, where it would fade instead of starting directly at the correct graphic when opening the shop. The fix was to just set the fade duration to 0 except for when I w...

Lactose's 1 month project > Turtle Shop™!

Posted 21 May 2017

Last time , I posted a quick video of various UI/HUD elements in action, and said that the Turtle Shop™ was up next.
Well... here it is, in all its splendor!

Amazing, isn't it?
Upon entering or exiting the shop, I simply enable and disable (as appropriate) the ingame HUD and the shop HUD -- I did this by placing the contents...

Lactose's 1 month project > Healthbars and such

Posted 19 May 2017

Last time , I mentioned I had done some UI updates, but I didn't include anything to actually show what I had done.Based on feedback, it seems like I should include some more visuals when it's appropriate, so here goes :)
video shows a couple of different things:
Currency and player health displayed as HUD elements.
HUD ele...

Lactose's 1 month project > UI updates + questions to you!

Posted 15 May 2017

[Questions at the end of post]Last time , I had just introduced the concept of player & enemy health, as well as currency (and I showed off my amazing art skills in a breath-taking video). However, player health & currency was only ever displayed in Unity's console as debug output.So, wIth that in mind, I added some HUD/GUI to display the player'...

Lactose's 1 month project > Placeholder Graphics 'R' Us - with video!

Posted 14 May 2017

I got a chunk of stuff out of the way today, even with some unscheduled "fall asleep on couch with cat on chest" time.A brief video (of the project, not the cat-on-chest sleeping) should be included below, if my journal entry skills are up to scratch.---Like I mentioned in the previous update , I started with doing some project updates and refactoring, af...