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Nes Pixel Art - Pixel Art app for Android

30 November 2013 - 04:45 PM

I have released my pixel art application for android recently and it’s in launch sales currently. We are using it for develop Reactor Heart
Try it here
Get it here
Nes Pixel Art is the ultimate application for pixel artists. In this application you can create animated sprites for videogames or animated gifs to publish in your website or blog. Nes Pixel Art born fundamentally for my videogame's development process, so it has been tested and designed to be useful in that task.
Contact me for any problem or suggestion.
**Current features:
-Screens >= 4.3 "
-Internal project manager
-Spritesheet import and image load in PNG/BMP/JPG
-Color palette with variable length
-Common tools like pencil, lines, circle, ellipse, rectangle, ...
-Shadow tool
-Select, copy, multi-paste tool
-Reverse vertically and horizontally, rotate 90º (right and left)
-Animation tools: frame add, forward, backward, animation play, frame delete
-Colors: RGB
-Export spritesheet/GIF
-Share spritesheet/GIF to various services (dropbox, mail, twitter, drive, ...)
I hope you like it ;)