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The Inner Circle > Music FTW

Posted 06 December 2015

"It'll only take an hour and it'll make this feel like a real game," I said last week. I was off by an order of magnitude on the first count, but it was worth it. OpenAL streaming is tricky. The Programmer's Guide example was sketchy as hell, so I took an example from the OpenALSoft source , adapted it to use libsndfile to read OGG, FLAC, etc, and r...

The Inner Circle > Color.. not that simple

Posted 28 November 2015

Last year when I started drawing characters for my "Cult RPG", I noticed how the standard RGB and HSL/HSV color pickers are no good at selecting real-world colors. So I studied up on color perception. The good news: this problem was solved 100 years ago. Bad news: software developers are still in the dark. So, fellow devs, check it out...

I won't go into...

The Inner Circle > Finishing the job

Posted 14 November 2015

I've been getting back to my main game project after a few months of home renovations. It started when I bought some drums and moved my studio to the basement. Then I had to put in a sump pump. Then I was on a roll so I started scraping off the ugly ass 50s wallpaper in my hallway, patching up the century-old plaster, painting, and wrapping up some other...

The Inner Circle > The new language

Posted 13 June 2015

Making a new language:
brainstorming, code mockups
feature triage
design specs

I've been iterating on the first 3 steps for a year, my specification is pretty well nailed down, and now I'm laying down plans for a compiler. Turns out I'm closer than I thought. In 2010 I was experimenting with a Lisp-APL hybrid, then I had s...

The Inner Circle > Online map editor - review/planning

Posted 18 October 2014

I'm getting ready to combine and improve some HTML5 Canvas stuff I prototyped two years ago - Ocean Melee / Great Guns and the 2D character animation modeler for the future "Cult RPG" (crude demo here ). My ultimate goal is to create complete online editors for both games, and other games... a separate editor app for each game, and some shared core libr...