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Using hiring audio test in your portfolio

24 August 2015 - 03:59 AM



I recently was in the hiring process with a pretty big game studio and I sadly didn't get taken past the audio test part. The thing is I do think the tests are pretty good for my level, I am en entry level sound designer and the job was for 3+ years of experience.


Do you think it is acceptable to use these in my portfolio? At the end of the days they are still failures but they gave me feedback and I can improve them a bit based on that.


(obviously the tests are not from protected game footage)



Game to showcase sound design skills

10 August 2015 - 02:27 PM



I am a sound designer and I have a decent level with Unity (using C#). I made some little game and whatnot but since they are small I don't feel they are good enough to showcase my sound design skills for a demo reel (which is the point of them) and so I am looking for game ideas that would be of a small scale but with complexe sound, probably a game where sound would be the most important part of the gameplay.


And this is why I am here, because I don't seem to come up with good ideas. The best I have is a labyrinth where you need to find your way out only with sound (which allows me to do no graphics).


As I am not a game designer I was wondering if you guys could help me out with this one, maybe giving me some ideas or just guidelines.



Looking for some feedback on a trailer remake (WIP)

09 June 2015 - 08:06 AM

Hi guys,


I've started do to a new trailer remake and I got one very interesting feedback from an industry veteran so far, I wanted to put it here to see if I get the same feedback (and more!) from other people.




Thank you!

US work Visa questions

10 May 2015 - 02:15 PM



I am here because I wonder if some of you may know how hard/easy it is for a company to get a work visa for someone from West Europe. Note that I am asking from the company point of view not the person who is hired by said company.


Long story short, I am an audio guy and I got contacted with a "job offer" from a big US company and they asked me if I wanted a job at their place but they didn't notice that I am from Europe before doing so (they checked my demos + I won a contest where they won stuff too a few months ago). It's not HR that contacted me but a member of the audio team.

I wonder if it's a deal breaker or if this is no big deal or anything between this. I am kinda stressed out about it and I am waiting for more answers from them so I am trying to see what I could do to improve my chances or if there is anything I can do to make the proccess easier for them, since I really want the job.


I told them that I would be happy to move and I have no problems with english.


I know companies don't usually do this, but they seemed really interested since they went out of their way to contact me and they were offering a full time position.



Making small ideas work

15 February 2015 - 09:35 AM



I try to make a little game on my own, not really for profit but more for portfolio (this way I don't have to have great 3D or art and so I don't have to hire someone because I suck at it).


My main problem is that I can't seem to get interesting small ideas. Every single time I have an idea it's one with AAA number of features. Then I try to drop a lot of stuff to make it doable by myself and it ends up really boring as a game.


Maybe it's because of my taste in games? I basically never play mobile games or small games because I usually don't really like them. My favorite games are Dota 2 by far then Starcraft 2, Diablo, TF2, Dishonored, Metal Gear Solid or old stuff like Doom and so on...

I am never really been a person who plays a ton of different games but I play the ones I play for multiple years.

Like I played during probably 5 years the MMORPG Ragnarok and since then I play Dota 2 most of the time when I have time for it.


Maybe I am not really made for this kind of thing? To be honest I think it might be the case and all in all I don't want to do game design as a job so it wouldn't be too bad but for my portfolio I'd like to have stuff that is a minimum fun.


Do you experience something like this sometimes?