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#5135011 A new type of TBS

Posted by QuickSilverCarpet on 27 February 2014 - 06:19 AM

Hi Community! I'm working on an independent game project right now as the sole member of my team. The project, which I am woefully under qualified to tackle, is a new type of economic/guerrilla warfare simulator. It is a city simulator with armed and unarmed conflict from varying factions that arise organically within the city and fight for control of resources and influence on the cities government and businesses. As opposed to playing as a leader of a city of faction with in a city, each player plays as a Vampire attempting to manipulate mortals into pursuing their agenda by changing the incentives and circumstances they live by. You essential try to gain control of the cities economy from the bottom up by manipulating individuals and organizations. The moral alignment system revolves around which principles an individual holds, as opposed to good/evil dichotomies, and serves to regulate ai behavior and poses an obstacle to player characters. Whenever a player or npc makes a decisions that betrays their principles they suffer from cognitive dissonance which, once accumulated to a certain point, results in moral decay (the antisocial inversion of previously held principles) or mental decay (loss of skills). In this sense it is only rational for an ai or player to not be a hypocrite, but this poses many dilemmas when competing for resources with other individuals who do not have the same principles.