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Johan Gustafsson

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tinyrocket > The SpaceGame in 3d!

Posted 20 April 2013

I have decided to convert my game RymdspeletHD (translation: The Space Game HD) to 3d. I suppose that the new title will be something like RymdspeletHD 3d Deluxe Edition.My idea with this conversion is that it might be a project that I may actually finish, instead of trying to make yet another full blown rpg or an epic freespace clone. I am using my home...

tinyrocket > Unnamed Space Shooter, with screen-shots!

Posted 23 June 2011

Here are a couple of screen-shots from a Freespace like space shooter that I have been developing for the last six months. I am using Unity3d and C# to create the game. There is only one mission in the game at the movement but most of the features that I want are already there like complex objectives, including but not limited to destroy a specific group,...

tinyrocket > A couple of hours with Unity

Posted 04 February 2011

I downloaded and I have now spent a couple of hours playing around with it, most of which was spent building the light maps. The result is a medieval city scene viewed from a top down perspective and a character that goes where you click. The camera can be moved be moving the cursor to the corners of the screen and there is also a monster that will try to...

tinyrocket > Final version of RymdspeletHD released!

Posted 21 January 2011

I have just uploaded the final version of my epic space shooter RymdspeletHD, enjoy!

Direct download

tinyrocket > I made a particle editor

Posted 14 January 2011

The title says it all, I made a particle editor for my current game project and it works well enough for the moment. It has most of the features that I need like adding / removing emitters and affectors, combining different particle systems and loading in meshes and attaching the system to a tagpoint to get a hint of how it will look ingame. It is written...