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#4878803 is it doable?

Posted by NewBreed on 30 October 2011 - 10:48 PM

Technically yes it can be done - just don't use anything that uses the Microsoft Visual Runtime (aka MSVCRT), is this practical, no. But, you can statically link the runtime with your application which means the user doesn't ever install it as it is already inside your exe. A game on the other hand is different as you do need to ship things such as the DirectX runtime you used etc. in which case shipping the MSVCRT is negligible. If you do decide to statically link the MSVCRT make so you only ship the exe that has linked to the release MSVCRT, as the debug version isn't allowed without Visual Studio.

Btw, a better title would be something like "Do I have to ship the C runtime library?".

#4863832 Saving your bookmarks?

Posted by NewBreed on 20 September 2011 - 09:04 AM

I use Firefox and organise all the bookmarks in folders, it can also add tags to individual bookmarks and searching just involves typing the tags (or url) into the address bar and the bookmarks get listed; all bookmarks are stored in a local file, so it should be fairly easy to copy and paste around as required...

#4812512 Integers for logic, floats for graphics

Posted by NewBreed on 18 May 2011 - 07:40 AM


I'm aware that a GPU works with floats (although some newer cards I understand can work with integers). From what I've seen from sample code over the net and on these forums the game logic code also seems to use floats instead of integers, what I don't understand though is why? Is this a case of performance, or what? Is the performance hit from casting an int to a float to perform a matrix operation too great? Similarly, if I were to create a particle effect (for example sparks from a welder), then could these particles be tracked with integers?


#4758616 You Are Old ...

Posted by NewBreed on 13 January 2011 - 08:05 PM

I'm 25 but after seeing that I feel as though I'm half way to old age... Slightly depressed now...

#4551727 Suggestions for a 3D Game Engine

Posted by NewBreed on 02 November 2009 - 11:01 PM

This site covers the majority of engines in great detail, although when lokoing at the reviews make sure to take note of the date and the quality of the review to determine if whoever is posting the review knows what they're on about.