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lwm's Roa Journal

Still Alive

Posted by lwm, 09 October 2013 · 902 views

My last entry was over a year ago - but I'm still alive. Now that the major coding phase for my master's thesis is behind me, I find myself tinkering again in my spare time.

Here are some of the major changes since last year:

I really wanted access to some of the DX11 features and the SharpDX toolkit makes the transition from XNA very painless....

Pretty Pictures and Plans for the Future

Posted by lwm, 03 September 2012 · 940 views

So, what did I do since last time: Not as much as I had hoped, unfortunately. I catch myself all the time trying to optimize or generalize a system that's working perfectly fine instead of implementing more game mechanics. I'm probably going to put together a short mission statement over the next couple of days and start looking for some people to...

Oh god, they're coming!

Posted by lwm, 02 August 2012 · 824 views

I've mostly been working on the AI lately, because without an AI that gives the player at least somewhat of a challenge, a stealth-based game would be rather boring. Behavior trees seem to be very popular these days, so I implemented the basic node types using iterators in C#. "Abusing" iterators for anything other than lazily evaluated...

My Current Project: Roa

Posted by lwm, 30 July 2012 · 1,108 views

Hi everyone,

For the past several months, I've been working on what is supposed to become a 3d top-down action-rpg with a focus on stealth and subtlety. Now that the engine is working adequately well, I wanted to start this journal in order to make me focus more on actual gameplay. After a couple of exams in the coming weeks, I hope to put together a...

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