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Developer Journals

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Week of Awesome III - Servant's reviews of all games

====================================================================================== Congratulations on reaching the end of the Week of Awesome! My feedback is in the form of critical reviews of your games, so don't be discouraged if it feels like I'm highlighting the negatives! ====================================================================...
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Forcing Consistent Console Properties in Windows

This doesn't really belong as a gamedev.net article, so I'm posting this here. Introduction: If you spend most of your working day inside terminals like I do, then you might agree to having a consistent terminal experience. Font style, colors, and options such as "QuickEdit" and "Insert Mode" should be consistent throughout all terminal applications in W...
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Fluid Dynamics: Advection

Heyy all! . First off, congrats to all the WoA participants. I didn't have the time to do it this year, but I'll try again for it the next go around ;) . So, in my last little let-my-figure-everything-out-by-writing-stuff-down, I got some stuff wrong, and I got some stuff misleading. Minor things, mostly: The last little bit I said about density. Scratch...
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Week of Awesome III - Post Mortem

Now after all the dust is settled a Post Mortem to my entry Bunny Hop. What went right Even before the competition started I was pondering on what to do. In a previous Ludum Dare I had used a nifty 3d side perspective which I hoped to use again. And all in all it worked quite nicely. Built a really simple level loading system which would allow me to bu...

?) I can't finish anything

It goes like this: 1) Have an idea for a game. 2) Daydream about said idea for days. 3) Try to make the game for a few months. 4) Slowly lose interest. 5) Abandon the project. 6) Do nothing gamedev related for a few months. 7) Came up with a new, simpler idea for a game. 8) Go back to point 2. It has been three years, with five games that I haven't fini...

Sneaky Slime - Name of the game!

SNEAKY SLIME Protagonist - Sneaky Slime Villain - Scientist Story - A scientist stumbles upon a formula to create jelly like living things. He creates a few of them to test and perfect his formula. The result of one those is Sneaky Slime . Sneaky Slime has been stuck in the lab for some time and longs to see the outside world. The scientist has...

PAX Day 2

Yesterday, we had about 30 people come and play our VR wizard game. Today, it was 9. It was depressing. The weather was CRAZY in Seattle today. We had a severe wind storm come through and massive amounts of rain. At one point in the day, I was getting rained on sideways with blue sky above my head. I think we had 55mph winds. One thing is for sure though...

Week of Awesome III - Afterthoughts

The competition is over, you got judged, what now? For one, a main goal at any competition is to get feedback. Especially critics on the things that were not good. A competition like this usually nets you at least a few people playing your game and they will tell you what's good, what's bad, what's missing, etc. in a constructive way. It's easy releasin...

Engine almost complete!

Hey everyone! So close to having the 3d engine complete. Just some tweaking of the collisions and a small hiccup with the object loading, but everything else is running smoothly. I have the algorithms for building the cities and for how the NPC's will work, just need to implement them. At the moment, I am planning on having the following features for th...

August Update (Version 0.2.40)

Here's the august update. This month I worked on improving the accessibility of the user interface. A lot of the more complex features have been moved on the main screen, especially the mining map has been removed and integrated directly in the game world now. I will show off the improvements next update, after testing and tweaking it a little more. For...

2D Port

So, I was really looking forward to export to WebGL, but it appears they call it a Beta for a reason! Turns out Unity's WebGL exporter is not where it needs to be just yet, so I'll give this one a pass, for now. That being said, here's something that's been lurking in the back of my mind for a bit. At the end of WoA II, I had realized that my idea would'...

Week of Awesome III - Post Mortem (dont read if you have soft feelings)

WARNING: This might sound like a sore loser, but its not!! I am simply throwing out some constructive criticism. After spending two years doing this competition I have noticed some very odd things. This post is an attempt to curtail such things and help to create a more "professional" style of GameJam. First off I want to say that I am very pleased we...

Week Of Awesome III - My Results

Thank you everyone for bearing with the wait, you can find my results here, for individual ranking see the spreadsheet here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mezCu1oGOe6K4RvvpuXy6QHLo7ZvpDv3-kI4Djucuj0 and click on my tab at the bottom to do score sorting. Excellent work to all of our contestants! Team: Slaughterhouse Gaming - riuthamus, shadowis...

Urho3D and Pyrotechnics

Urho3D's architecture is based on a component system. You may have heard the term. Essentially, Urho3D provides a hierarchy of Nodes, where each Node comprises a set of transforms (position, rotation, scale), a list of children Nodes, and a list of components. Components provide the behavior and characteristics that turn a regular old Node into a game obj...

Windows 10 Update and Making A Minion In Blender

Ok so today I decided to upgrade my Windows install which was 8.1 to Windows 10 because well it was free! So I shut down Debian rebooted to Windows and then the problems happened! I done all my updates checked for virus' and the like then I was ready. Varified with the Windows thing that I was allowed a free update then I downloaded the Windows creation t...

Channel 9 - OpenGLES on Windows with ANGLE

<p><a href="https://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/C9-GoingNative/Going-Native-41-OpenGLES-on-Windows-with-ANGLE ">My colleague Cooper is on Channel 9 today</a>.</p><div style="clear:both;"></div><img src="http://blogs.msdn.com/aggbug.aspx?PostID=10637661" width="1" height="1"> Source

Character Controller - Video

http://youtu.be/DwSC7Z9Pf98 Seems legit http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png Pretty stable so far, slope walking, maximum slope angle, interaction with dynamic and static bodies okay, fixed nicely to the floor when grounded. Note this Kcc is being driven by very naive inputs. No accumulating velocities or anything l...

More Engine Think...ing.

For anyone who has considered or is working on RPG engines, at some point we come across the source image that I found in a tutsplus.com article, that refers to a generalized "architecture" for the modules of an rpg engine. This is a good starting point when developing a state-based system, where each state represents a current activity that does not run...

KREEP, mutagen.

Hi all! A real update this time with more content than news... As mentioned in the short description of the game in the early days, game rule mutators were planned to spice up the gameplay. I got half-way through implementing and fine-tuning them (currently nine mutators are planned for the final version), so I thought they are ready for an early look!...

Extending Java classes from JavaScript

Hi! So this entry will be dealing with the Nashorn JavaScript engine found in Java 8+, specifically, how to extend a Java class from JavaScript and use the resulting JavaScript object in the Java side. Extending Java classes from JavaScript First this what I want to do: Extend a Java class from JavaScript implementing a specific method. Fetch the r...

Engine Update - Rendering Bounding Volumes

I'll get Bounding Sphere bounding volume to render shortly. I just wanted to render a AABB. Awesome thing is it's now fit to the actual mesh. Sometimes when the mesh gets imported - it has to be scaled down a bit leaving the min max verticies for the AABB to be the same. I'll fix that after loading time - so it's best fit bounding box. Also I added blinn...

Week of Awesome 3 - The End

[Disclaimer: This isn't really a post mortem of any kind. More akin to somber reflection of the past two weeks.] Well, I'm a little disappointed. Not really related to the game jam itself, but concerning the fact that several spontaneous personal issues made it impossible for me to dedicate any time to the second half of the competition. I wasn't able to...

In a time for math!

I have probably brought this up before. But I feel the need to share my updates on it. First a little background. I have been trying to get better at math, especially math that pertains to video games and 3D. I kept getting snagged and it was always at the beginning before anything really complex happened. Something was missing, I didn't have something I...

WoA III - Another Distraction for Participants

Even though I haven't entered a game into the Week of Awesome III, I still followed along, played all the submitted games, and wrote up some reviews. I've met a lot of cool people and great developers. My review thread got lots of good feedback and I'll probably be getting a few new friends out of the deal, but I feel like the relationship is a bit lop-si...

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