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Developer Journals

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Shaders: How Do They Work?

Yesterday I gave a talk at Dev Workshop Conf introducing the basic concepts of vertex and fragment shaders. Unfortunately I don’t have a video, just this one potato picture: http://i.imgur.com/ejDEvxbl.jpg It’s probably for the best, because Chrome locked up on me halfway through. The slide deck is pretty cool though. It includes over 20 interacti...
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Beta Testers Needed!

Temple of the Abyssal Winds is ready to go for iPad, and I just need a few intrepid beta-testers to go through and find the last few bugs. Help out, and enjoy a classic-style RPG at the same time! http://youtu.be/7U-mNJy-sW4 To find out more about TotAW, check out the website: http://www.prankster.com/totaw/index.htm Chapters 1 and 2 are ready for...
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A Quick Introduction to Sampler-Based Profiling

Sampler-Based Profiling: The Quick Version So you're happily working on some code, and suddenly it happens: everything is just too damn slow ! Something is eating up all your performance, but it's not immediately obvious what to do about it. One of the first things any experienced programmer will tell you is to profile . In a nutshell, this is a grizzl...

It's been a while

I did start off saying that I'd try and post once a week but various things in life got in the way and I just unfortunately had no time to do so let alone have much time to work. But most of the problems are now over and I have lots of time again, it's also been way over a month now and there's one or two things that have changed. Going to new heights...

"The Week of Awesome II" Post

Hello everyone http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png My postmorten. What went (mostly) right: Art style Level layout Level loading system Bullet physics integration Brief planning Improvisation on the spot Getting something on the screen early Useful configuration format that was used to create the levels What went (mo...

The building of Caveman - part 6 - data structures

The building of Caveman - part 6 - data structures When i first got into programming as my major, my biggest fear was that I'd end up as a database programmer. Turns out I became a gamedev. But i still have to do database programming. Sure, games are interactive multimedia entertainment simulations, but underneath all that is - you guessed it - relati...

Week 9-10 : Time to reschedule again

Dear log, After finishing implementing the game sequence, there are still some boring points to do, like saving and presenting the highest score. To understand, I have to explain the logic of my framework : a Game is a collection of Gamelets that are independants. For instance, I have a gamelet for the main menu, one for the actual game, etc... And no...

WOA2: Final thoughts

Quick Thoughts: I saw the rest of the people posting these things called postmortem and I thought to myself, "Why? Did somebody die?" I realized shortly after what they were saying so I went to dictionary.com to see if that was a proper use of the word ( I honestly thought I was stupid for thinking it could only mean death.) You can read the actual defi...

Post mortem

Things that went well: Simple idea graphics where good enough enough types of monsters good extra features (pause, hiscore etc) I managed to stay motivated I finished plenty of time early (time management) Things that didn't go so good: the font in the installer no power in ~~, and bad computer battery low internet some strange bugs in the installer...

Week of Awesome II - Post Mortem

So this is a summary of my feelings about my game “Little Jimmy”, or like whatever. So read it and take my bad advice. What Went Right? The Idea Whether you think the idea is “fun” or not is up for debate, but the fact is that the idea was very simple and reasonable to make within one week. Right from the beginning I knew I had to come up with an id...

Epilogue - A Post-Mortem on "The Life of Phillip Morris"

Epilogue - A Post-Mortem "That chilling moment when I have learned the truth, and suddenly, my car became nothing more than a toy. I had lost innocence on that day, and I fought tooth and nail to get it back" - Phillip Morris About the game (SPOILERS, you have been warned! ) "The Life of Phillip Morris" is a game developed exclus...


This is my post-mortem of Mindfield. The video is me droning on for 20 mins, showing examples of things in the game and explaining some of my code methods, but if you're interested then you might like it. http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png

The Week of Awesome II - And So it Ends... (post mortem)

Edit: Attached an image of my last day's notes. What went right? What went wrong? What did you learn? What went right? Planning - Before the competition started, I took some time to get my affairs in order. I cleaned up some of my framework code and came up with a rough plan of attack. Day 1: Setup Project, Brainstorm, Hack Day 2: Decide game typ...

Week of Awesome II post mortem

Download link: http://www.rufelt.se/Timmys_Toys.zip Finished my Week of Awesome II entry yesterday (or actually this morning), called Timmy's Toys. Main game-play is a tower-defense, where the player prevents the living toys from reaching the finish-line. The story was supposed to be helping Timmy to keep the toys from going down the stairs, but didn't...

Temple of the Abyssal Winds Beta Feedback Thread

This thread is for myself and beta testers of Temple of the Abyssal Winds (http://prankster.com/totaw ) to give and respond to feedback that comes up during the beta.

Game Design - Spaceships

Apart from technical issues and solutions, I will also be writing about my game design thoughts, showing why certain features were added. Today I am going to tell a history of spaceships evolution. I had my station with floors, rooms, elevators. I could walk around and kill enemy agents. I didn't know how to respawn them. Long term plan was to have leve...

Day 8

Hey guys! We really had high hopes for us to finish our game in time. But we ran into massive problems with Rigging/Skinning and Animation of our character. Likewise I had my problems with the code... This is basically the reason for us making no entry to our journal for a few days too. What we have We got the main features implemented so far and an...

The past lingers.

A post-mortem for Darkholm, as best I recall. Only one week in which to make a game. Not much time at all: a short dash, top speed all the way, exhausting and exciting. It can be a competition concept at once intriguing, enthusing and intimidating. Things started on a somewhat mixed note. On the surface, the topic didn't much interest me: as much as I...

Week of Awesome: The Final Haul

Hey everyone, This week has been a blast! I was barely able to deliver anything, but I managed to get a grand total of 1 minute of simple gameplay in there http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/tongue.png . With the limited 4 days that I could work on this project and the direction that I went, I don't think that's too bad. Since my...


Heh, guess who didn't pay attention to the deadline Timezone! -> this guy <- It's about an hour before midnight in California, Oh well, I had a lot of fun working on this project and have what I think is a cool looking prototype to show for it, Give it a look Good luck to all of the competitors! I didn't have a lot of solid time to work on this...

Day 7... too much, too late!

In the last few minutes of The Week of Awesome II, I submitted a thing... unfortunately it is really, really broken. In the last few hours I added a bunch of important features that 1) i couldn't remove because they're the meat of the experience and 2) I didn't have time to properly test. I knew, a week ago, that I should have started with the tricky...

WoA II Submission - Maybe its a game, maybe not ... you be the judge

While this is nowhere near the game I envisioned (at any level). I have however had fun making it, and even a little fun and a few laughs playing it. Hopefully you will enjoy it at least a little bit too. I'm attaching the ZIP file, which includes the ReadMe.txt, but I'll mention again that the game requires the XNA 4.0 refresh to run, which can be dow...

End of day seven - TWoA

Alrighty, here's my entry: [Download .zip file from Dropbox] https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Byq6HBvCUAAlEgo.png Man, this was really tiring. I had to vastly shift the gameplay mechanics earlier today, to actually get something completed and shipped. Now it's scarcely even the same genre. http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/laugh....

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