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slayemin's Journal

April Update

Posted by slayemin, 07 May 2016 · 569 views
lean, game dev, business and 1 more...
I'm feeling depressed. This is what happens when you run out of money and your project still demands more from you. This is a hard entry to write because there is so much struggle right now. Last month I ran out of money. I had less than $1,000 in my bank account, and my monthly costs to stay in business are around $8,000. The expenses are as follows...

A fellow game developer died

Posted by slayemin, 02 May 2016 · 485 views

I'm close friends with the fellow game dev team upstairs on the 14th floor. Every time either of our teams has something to celebrate, we invite each other. We share in each others happinesses and struggles. We have a good camaraderie. Today, I learned that Doug passed away.
He was so young. He was about my age....

March 2016: Funding ran out

Posted by slayemin, 08 April 2016 · 1,406 views

Well, I've officially run out of money. (long pause for reflection) 
This seems to be a common struggle and problem with indie game developers, and I'm not any different... Do I blame myself? Who else and what else is there to blame other than myself? Of course it's my fault. 
I had about $500,000 at my high point. Today, I have no more than $1,...

On Software Patents

Posted by slayemin, 18 March 2016 · 705 views
Patents, business
I feel that I may have invented/discovered something novel which nobody else has discovered/invented yet. It pertains to VR and the field is fresh. I believe that it's pretty significant and I want to share it with the world. However, I am really worried about patents. The worst thing that could happen is someone sees what I came up with, discovers it is...

Many huge announcements!

Posted by slayemin, 22 February 2016 · 721 views
Great news, everyone! Our game has been successfully greenlit! Thank you to everyone who voted and helped make this happen for us. Valve reached out to us by email and said that they're also going to send us a free HTC Vive Pre. Wow. Wow, wow wow. Our friends Ryan and Vic went to the VR Vision Summit earlier this month and got two Vives. Yesterday they de...


Posted by slayemin, 20 February 2016 · 697 views

Sorry for the shitpost, but I'm super SUPER excited. I could barely sleep last night. I've made a REALLY awesome discovery in VR which... kind of changes everything. I don't quite know how to describe it, but I know its effects already. I can't stop thinking about it. I'm obsessed. I'm excited. I know what it's going to be, and it I can't wait. If VR is a...

Spellbound is up for voting on Steam Greenlight

Posted by slayemin, 12 February 2016 · 843 views

Double post day!!! 
I rushed ahead of myself and just published Spellbound on steam greenlight . Yikes. I wanted to do a 2 minute game play trailer video, but I suddenly decided that the 8 minute reactions video is sufficient. The first 30 seconds of the video are sufficient to generate curiosity, the middle portion of the video shows the game play a...

Spellbound Reactions Video

Posted by slayemin, 12 February 2016 · 555 views

We finished producing the video for our game and it's now online! We brought around eight people to our office to come play through our game and recorded their reactions to it. This video is a compilation of the highlights. Enjoy! http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png  

January Update

Posted by slayemin, 23 January 2016 · 1,350 views
Spellbound, VR, indie, production
 Alpha game play footage of Spellbound:

Production: We're slowly changing gears from a production focus to a test, polish and promote focus. The framework and the gameplay loop for our game has pretty much been completed. I just have to finish creating the skeleton war leader, write his AI, sync...

Spellbound: Winter Update

Posted by slayemin, 19 December 2015 · 1,913 views
VR, Production, Finances and 1 more...
I've been procrastinating on writing an entry for the month of November due to some disappointments. I might as well get it out into the open. Before we get into that, I'd like to share some recent screenshots from the game: End Boss Monster: He looks astonishingly large in VR
 Shrine where you exchange spirits for new spells
 Hidden fire...

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